SBDR volunteers respond to flooding in Michigan

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     Volunteers from Michigan began clearing out flooded homes on Monday, August 18. in Warren, Mich. This community, and others in the Detroit metro area, have reported more than 100,000 homes were flooded by slow moving storms last week. Volunteers from a number of states have joined the ministry and more are on the way. Read about this work and more in the latest SBDR Update.

    Listen to Baptist State Convention of Michigan Disaster Relief director Win Williams talk about ministry opportunities in the Detroit metro area on this video.



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    Detroit metro area flood response

    The three-county area around the Detroit metro area has been described by some as the nation's largest natural disaster that few people have heard about, largely because other recent national and international headlines have overshadowed it.

    Baptist State Convention of Michigan Disaster Relief director Win Williams said he expects the work in response to the flooding to last for weeks. Assessments are ongoing, but more than 450 mud-out job requests have already been recorded for homes inundated with water from slow-moving rainstorms Aug. 11.

    "There are 40,000 affected homes in Oakland County alone," Williams said. "There are another 30,000 to 40,000 damaged homes in Wayne County and then all the work in McComb County. You can hear more of Williams comments on this video.

    How can you help?  If you live within a couple of hours of the Detroit metro area and have a day to help, you can contact volunteer coordinator, Jim Ellsworth at 734-645-9928 or by email at dr_team1@namb.net to get information.

    If you cannot go, you can help by praying for the volunteers and homeowners as needs are met by Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers bringing help, healing and hope.

    If you wish to make a financial donation visit us at baptistrelief.org.

    A new believer in Colorado

    SBDR volunteers, a Colorado Baptist congregation and a Texas layman were used by God to draw a Colorado flood survivor to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Read more of their story in this  SBDR Update. 

    Evangelism flows naturally from disaster relief service

    Camille. Hugo. Andrew. 9-11. Katrina. Haiti. Tuscaloosa. Joplin. Sandy. Oklahoma City.

    Those words bring to mind disasters of the first order. They trigger emotions and memories difficult and poignant. Southern Baptists have a common response to them all: Help. Read the rest of the story.

    Donating to disaster relief

    The desire to do something when disaster strikes is great as the compassion God has put within us moves us to reach out to people in need and touch them with the love of Jesus. Your donations to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief through the North American Mission Board or the Baptist State Convention where a disaster has occurred is the best way to help Southern Baptists bring Help, Healing and Hope to people and communities. Any financial contribution, no matter how small, is worth more than a box of unsolicited items. Cash really is best! 


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     "Unsolicited donated goods, such as used clothing, require the added cost of storage and valuable disaster response staff and volunteer time, which could be better used helping meet people's real needs,” explains Daniel Stoecker, Executive Director of National VOAD.

    If you feel God is leading you to collect and donate materials, please do so responsibly by finding organizations that are prepared to receive and distribute the items. You should be prepared to provide transportation for anything you collect.

    Other resources for identifying places to donate during disasters 

             Donate Responsibly - FEMA 

             How to donate - National VOAD 





    The 2014 SBDR Award Recipients

    Robert E. Dixon Lifetime Service
            Jack Shelby - IL Baptist State Association

    Joel W. Phillips Outstanding Achievement
            Kay Cassibry - Mississippi Baptist Convention Board
            Paul and Tommie Palmer - Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention

    Distinguished Service (in 2013)
            James Irvine - Louisiana Baptist Convention
            Gene Jones - Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
            Dave Karr – Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
            Bill Prindle - Montana Southern Baptist Convention
            Larry Rundle - State Convention of Baptists in Ohio
            Den Smith - Indiana Baptist State Convention

    Learn more about the disaster relief awards.

    2013 Activity Report

    2013 Fleet Report


    undefined Donations to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief 

    Southern Baptist Disaster Relief responds to disasters across the U.S. and around the world. Donations are fully tax deductible and 100 percent of all gifts are used to meet the needs of hurting people in the wake of disasters. Donations can be made online, by phone 866-407-6262, or by mail. Checks should be made payable to North American Mission Board and sent to Disaster Relief Fund, P.O. Box 116543, Atlanta, GA 30368-6543. 

    Donations to support the disaster relief efforts of state Baptist convention disaster relief organizations can be made to the individual conventions. You can find contact information for the conventions here. 


    2014 Activity Reported to Date

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    Chaplaincy Contacts 1,294
    Ministry Contacts 4,092
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    Temporary Roof/Repair Jobs 192
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