• Ministries

    Tools Evanagelism 

    Find a wealth of evangelism training and support resources for equipping your church for evangelistic church planting and impacting your community through the God's Plan for Sharing (GPS) initiative. >> 

       Tools - Renewal

    Church Renewal
    Explore what the Church Renewal Journey can bring to your church—renewal, refreshment and passion. A new passion to worship and serve God as never before. >> 

    Tools Prayer 

    Discover tools to help you, your church or association make prayer foundational to all ministry efforts—with a resulting increase in evangelistic and church planting effectiveness. >> 

      Tools Strategy 

    Associational Strategies
    Find resources on how to structure local associations for maximum effectiveness, as well as Associational Missions Week promotional resources. >>

    Tools Planter 

    Church Planting
    The Send North America Network is a NAMB resource to connect church planters, sending churches and anyone who is engaged in the Send North America process with relevant resources to assist in penetrating lostness in North America. >> 

      Tools Leadership 

    Leadership Development
    NAMB's Next Level Leadership Network and a partnership with Timothy/Barnabas help pastors be more effective in leading their congregations in evangelistic church planting. >> 

    Tools Mission Ed 

    Missions Education
    NAMB missions education resources can help equip you and other Southern Baptists by creating missions-learning environments. For multiple age groups. >> 

      Tools - Research 

    Missional Research
    The Center for Missional Research helps Christian leaders make strategic missional decisions by researching North American cultures, analyzing ministry effectiveness of churches, and understanding communities where churches minister. >>