• BackPack Missions

    BackPack Missions is a collection of 5- to 10-minute missions object lessons using items pulled from a backpack by "BackPack Andy." An easy, exciting, and effective strategy, BackPack integrates into existing ministries focused on children such as Children's Church, Sunday School, Backyard Bible Clubs, small groups, camps, retreats and field trips.

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  • 2012-2013 BackPack Missions

  • Icon God Answers Prayers

    This lesson is about a church planter in Montreal named Jacques Avakian.

    Icon That's Good News!

    The Newtons share the Good News with the Tanala people in the rainforest of Madagascar.

    Icon A Clean Body and a Clean MInd

    This lesson is about a missionary who is a nurse in India. She teaches the people there to take care of their bodies and tells them Bible stories for a clean mind.

    Icon A Ranch Full of Hope

    A missionary in South Carolina helps troubled children and youth through ministry at a horse ranch in South Carolina called, “Hope Remains Youth Ranch.”

  • 2011-2012 BackPack Missions

  • Icon Witnessing in Wisconsin

    Purpose: To help children understand that they can participate in efforts to tell people about Jesus. Missionary kid Josh Millman, Wisconsin. Object needed: swim mask.

    Icon Who is Annie?

    Purpose: Children will learn why the North American Mission Board's Easter Offering is named for Annie Armstrong. Object needed: Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® envelope. 

    Icon Send It

    Purpose: To encourage children to think of cell phones, computers, texting and the Internet as more than ways to be entertained but as ways to communicate about Jesus. Missionary Greta Wilson, Kentucky. Objects needed: cell phone and laptop computer.

    Icon The Perfect Gift

    Purpose: God wants us to tell others about Him. Missionary Michael Daily, Florida. Object needed: gift-wrapped Bible.

    Icon Light for the Path

    Purpose: To help children trust God to lead them through the various stages of their calling. Missionary Kyle Yarwood, South Asia. Object needed: flashlight.

    Icon Find It Here

    Purpose: Children will learn that they are not too young to share the gospel. Missionary Deryl Lackey, California. Object needed: hand mirror.

    Icon Didgeridoo It

    Purpose: To help children know about Aborigine people and their needs. Missionaries John and Carmen Baynes, Australia. Object  needed: Dried eucalyptus.

    Icon Cookies and the Gospel

    Purpose: We can persevere and share the gospel message using creative methods. Missionary Josh Park, Tokyo, Japan. Objects needed: bag containing a variety of cookies and a packet of child-friendly gospel tracts.

    Icon ASAP!

    Purpose: To help children comprehend the vastness of the South Asian harvest field. Missionary Darryl Pogue, South Asia. Objects needed: 2 pound bag of rice, large bowl, world map, Bible.

    Icon Using Your Gift

    Purpose: To help children understand that God wants them to use their gifts to serve others and spread the gospel. Missionary Joe Kelley, Slovenia. Object needed: a wrapped gift box.

    Icon A Not So Small Gift

    Purpose: To teach children that even if we have very little, we can still give to others. Missionary Jodi Janz, South Africa. Object needed: a quarter.

    Icon A Good Egg

    Purpose: To help children recognize the ways that God calls people and how they can respond to that call. Missionary Lydia Turnbo, New Mexico. Object needed: an egg.

    Icon Feeding the Hungry

    Purpose:To help children know that Christians often meet physical needs of hurting people as they tell them about Jesus. Missionaries Gregg and Donna Fort, Zimbabwe. Object needed: corn seed, ear of corn, or can of corn.

    Icon A Backpack Full of Nothing

    Purpose: To help children trust that God knows what He is doing when He calls them. Missionary Mark Wilmore*, Asia. Object needed: Only the backpack.

  • 2010 BackPack Missions

  • Icon A Brush With Destiny

    Purpose: Importance of keeping promises. Missionaries Frank and Jennifer Anderson*, Louisville, Kentucky. Object needed: Large paintbrush

    Icon A Castle of Jesus' Love

    Purpose: To show children that there are many creative ways they can tell people about Jesus. Objects needed: child’s small sand pail, toy shovel, and a bottle of water.

    Icon A Piece of Pizza

    Purpose: Children can develop meaningful friendships with people they meet and share Christ’s love. Missionaries Eric and Tricia Mullis, Thailand. Object needed: empty pizza box

    Icon Crushing Cans for Christ

    Purpose: children can be involved in mission projects. Object needed: empty aluminum soft drink can

    Icon Drawing the Net

    Purpose: To encourage children to be creative in the methods they use to engage others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionary Miko Sivonen, Helsinki, Finland. Object needed: net (any kind suitable for cathing fish, butterflies, and so on)

    Icon Love Is a Warm Sweater

    Purpose: When we show love to others we are showing love to God. Missionary George Ratz, Philadelphia, Penn, missionary to seafarers. Object needed: sweater

    Icon Narnia, Basketball, and Doughnuts

    Purpose: Finding creative ways to share the gospel is worth the effort. Missionary Bill Lighty, Colorado Springs, Colo. Objects needed: DVD of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” (If a copy of the DVD is unavailable, use a basketball or bag of doughnuts instead. Present the item when referenced in the lesson.)

    Icon Soldier Without a Gun

    Purpose: God uses military chaplains to help soldiers. Army Chaplain (Maj.) Daniel Middlebrooks. Objects needed: Coffee cup and a Bible

    Icon The Importance of Sharing

    Purpose: God uses missionaries to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people. Brenda Gail Baldwin, Rome, Ga. Object needed: can of green beans

    Icon The Waiting Game

    Purpose: To understand the importance waiting on God and the rewards that come with waiting. Missionary Jeremy*, North Africa, missionary to Muslims. Object needed: sand timer

  • 2009 BackPack Missions