• Baptism Celebrations 

    Baptism Celebration events use the baptism of new believers to attract seekers, to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to draw the net evangelistically.

    Attract Seekers

    New Christians know other people who need to have the same experience with Jesus that they are having. An outreach-oriented baptism service is a wonderful way to attract these seekers to an event designed to share Christ in a clear and powerful way.

    Contact new Christians and carefully work with them as they prepare to invite family and friends to their baptism. Prepare an invitation list with them. Help them to think of as many people as possible to invite. Use the W.O.R.L.D. acrostic—workplace, organizations to which they belong, relatives, lonely people and daily contacts—to help them build a comprehensive invitation list.

    Share the Gospel

    • Personal testimonies can be read by the pastor before baptism, printed in the service program or even shared by the baptism candidate, if they are comfortable with this.
    • During the baptism itself, the gospel can be shared. Indeed, baptism is a dramatic presentation of the gospel. In Christ our old life is buried with Him in death and raised to newness of life through His resurrection.
    • Preaching or teaching and sharing a clear presentation of the gospel is one of the most effective ways to proclaim the good news.
    • Follow-up visits with prospects can be made.

    Draw the Net

    A “Baptism Celebration” is designed to be an evangelistic harvest event for your church. Many churches design “first touch” events, which are more pre-evangelistic in nature. But some may be present who are ready to receive Christ if they only hear the gospel and are challenged to respond in faith. Besides, the gospel itself is “the power of God unto salvation.” What better way to give someone a first touch than by letting them hear the gospel and see others receive Christ?

    Unlike a first touch event, an evangelistic harvest event does not just communicate the gospel, but gives attendees the opportunity to commit to Jesus Christ. Furthermore, a harvest event gives new believers a mechanism to record their decision for Christ.

    An invitation should be given to urge new believers to record their decision for Christ and to follow Him in their own commitment of baptism and church membership. A response card may be most effective for this type of event. It is simple and effective. Each attendee will fill out a card, and those who have prayed to receive Christ will indicate their decision. Some tips:

      • Everyone gets a card, including members.
      • Distribute the cards (and pencils or pens) just before they are to be filled out. Do not just include them in the bulletins or in seat racks.
      • Include a  comments section on each card for guests to share how they liked the service, nursery, music and other aspects of your church.


    Every element of your baptism celebration event should be bathed in prayer. Following are some ways you can organize your prayer strategy.

    Ask members to pray about a baptism celebration outreach event. After everyone is on board, choose a prayer coordinator to plan and execute fervent prayer in preparation for the event. This includes prayer times at planning meetings and other special prayer times during other church activities.

    On the day of your baptism celebration, plan a time of prayer before the service with baptism candidates and their families. This is a special time for new Christians, some of whom have yet to witness the power of prayer. Pray for the service, for guests who will be in attendance and for the baptism candidates as they begin their walk with Christ.

    Others involved in the service planning include your baptism committee, service planning team (which may be pastor or staff), outreach/evangelism coordinator and follow-up coordinator.

    Downloadable Baptism Resources

    Sample Formal Baptism Invitation 

    Sample informal Baptism Invitation  

    Sample Evangelistic Response Card 

    The baptism certificate serves many purposes, not the least of which is to remind the candidate of the act of obedience in which they have participated, when and where it took place and perhaps who was there. The certificate itself is an excellent opportunity to go all out.

    Formal Baptism Certificate - Color 

    Formal Baptism Certificate - Black and White 

    Formal Baptism Certificate - Text 

    Modern Baptism Certificate - Color  

    Modern Baptism Certificate - Black and White