• Chaplaincy Endorsement

    What is Chaplaincy Endorsement?

    Endorsement is a professional credential that affirms to an agency/employer that a chaplain or pastoral counselor has met the basic requirements of the denomination to provide ministry in a specialized setting, and that the individual is a member in good standing of the Southern Baptist Convention. Endorsement creates a covenant of mutual commitment, accountability, and support between the Chaplain or Counselor in Ministry and the denomination. It states a level of denominational connection and a standard of excellence to the using agency. Within the SBC, the Chaplains Commission grants endorsement.

    Why be endorsed?

    Endorsement is required by almost all agencies/employers using chaplains and counselors. Documentation (government/agency form or NAMB letter) indicating endorsement are usually required as part of the hiring application process. Some organizations require an update of the endorsement at periodic intervals. Endorsement is a significant step in achieving the highest levels of professional certification.

    What is the endorsement process?

    The chaplain or counselor in ministry applicant initiates the endorsement process. An application packet and/or brochure about chaplaincy may be obtained by contacting the Chaplaincy Evangelism Team. The applicant must complete and return the application form, statement of beliefs, biographical summary, and other information. The endorsement process for military chaplaincy (excluding Chaplain Candidates & Civil Air Patrol) requires the applicant to attend the New Chaplain Orientation prior to the application packet being presented to the Chaplain Commission.  A first-time endorsement application requires approximately six to eight weeks for processing and approval by the Chaplains Commission. Since endorsement is a statement to a specific using agency, the process must be updated should a chaplain or counselor in ministry change agencies and/or place of service. 

    New Chaplain Orientation (Military only):  The New Chaplain Orientation training is conducted in conjunction with the Chaplain Development Conferences.  The new applicant is provided transportation, lodging and meals to attend the training. Spouses  are encouraged to attend but not required. The cost of the spouse's attendance is also provided.  There are no accommodations or allowances provided for children. 

                                           2014 New Chaplain Orientation training 





    Feb. 17

    New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary   

    New Orleans, LA

     Jan. 31 

    Mar. 17

    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Louisville, KY

     Feb. 28 

    Apr. 14

    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Fort Worth, TX

     Mar. 28 


    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Kansas City, MO


    Sep. 29

    Ridgecrest Conference Center

    Ridgecrest, NC

     Sep. 12  


    Southern California Chaplain Training

    El Cajon, CA


    How do I Apply?

    The application process begins by registering with Mobilize Me. Click on the Chaplaincy Opportunities button on the Mobilize Me page. Select the Type of Chaplaincy and click on the Learn More button. At the bottom of that page is a Get Started button, follow the instruction to register. Once you are registered you will be contacted. There are a variety of qualifications and expectations for chaplaincy ministry. These qualifications and expectations come from the using agency and the Chaplains Commission. A consultant from the Chaplaincy Team will contact you to review the qualifications. If pre-qualified, you will be sent instructions for submitting an application for endorsement. When the file is complete, one of the Team consultants will read your materials and then provide feedback to you. Eventually your file will be presented to the Chaplain Commission; a group of Trustees assigned to the North American Mission Board.  

    In order to complete your application file, additional documents will be requested according to the type of chaplaincy. All applicants must submit a current photo and ensure the Chaplaincy Team receives the completed references. Other documents, if applicable, are a copy of Ordination Certificate and Official Transcript for the qualifying degree, and the local SBC church’s Affirmation Letter (sample will be provided). If you are applying for a chaplaincy endorsement other than military, VA or Federal Bureau of Prisons, provide the name of the using agency (the corporation, hospital, Police Dept., etc), the name of the individual receiving your endorsement, and the using agency’s address. In addition, you will be receiving a separate email from LifeWay.com with a link to a short missions service survey (Initial Missionary Inventory). Please take a few minutes and complete that survey, which is a required element for your file.

    Endorsement Checklists:  

    2014 Federal Chaplaincy Endorsement Checklist   

    Vocational & Volunteer Chaplaincy Endorsement Checklist  


    The Chaplaincy Evangelism Team provides the denominational endorsement process for qualified persons seeking employment as chaplains and counselors, as well as for those serving in volunteer chaplaincy ministries. Endorsed persons receive numerous benefits from their official relationship with NAMB, such as:

    Professional Development 

    • annual regional and national conferences
    • specialized workshops
    • Chaplaincy Luncheon at the SBC Annual Convention
    • Training Certificate of Contact Hours



    • on-site visits, correspondence, and telephone communication with Chaplaincy Evangelism Team staff
    • pastoral care support by Chaplaincy Evangelism Team staff
    • counsel and support in disciplinary proceedings
    • employment counseling and referral
    • fellowship opportunities with other Chaplains and Counselors in Ministry

    Denominational Relationships 

    • official relationship with the Chaplains Commission, SBC
    • connection with the denomination through the North American Mission Board, Chaplaincy Evangelism Team
    • listing in the Southern Baptist Convention Annual
    • complimentary subscription to NAMB publications