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    Passion. How often do you hear people describe their church family interactions as passionate? Would you like to discover a way to make that the norm? Explore what the Church Renewal Journey can bring to your church – renewal, refreshing and passion. A new passion to worship and serve God as never before.

    The Church Renewal Journey is a series of lay-led, revival-type weekends that take the church on a biblical-based, spiritual journey to becoming on mission with God.

    the journey

    Lay RenewalAwakening Weekend
    Reawakens the church to its purpose and passion. The weekend refreshes the believers with a godly perspective of their role in service to others. It restores the love of Christ to those who have drifted from their commitment. The Awakening Weekend will bring the church together as a family.

    To Download a church preparation manual for the Awakening Weekend, Click Here  

    Equipping Weekend
    A call to personal ministry, evangelism and personal discipleship. Believers will discover their spiritual gifts and consider practical applications of these gifts to evangelism and ministry. It is here that many understand for the first time that they, too, are called to ministry.

    To Download a church preparation manual for the Equipping Weekend, Click Here  

    Commissioning WeekendCommissioning Weekend
    A call for church members to take their places of ministry in the workplace, at school or wherever God has called them to serve. Participants prayerwalk their places of service, asking God how He may want to work through them outside the church walls. Those who commit are commissioned by their churches.

    To Download a church preparation manual for the Commissioning Weekend, Click Here 

    Praying Weekend
    A time for the church to come apart from the world and spend time together in God’s presence. Participants will be encouraged and trained in biblical prayer that focuses on kingdom priorities.


    To Download a church preparation manual for the Praying/Empowering Weekend, Click Here  

    Sending Weekend
    A time where the church is encouraged to take the bold steps of being on mission to their neighbors and to the nations. At the end of the weekend, the congregation will have committed to an Acts 1:8 strategy, working to penetrate lostness in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.

    To Download a church preparation manual for the Sending Weekend, Click Here  

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