• Missions Education Mission Projects

    The following is a collection of missions projects that can be done by groups or individuals.

  • Cooking Up Missions

    Collect ingredients and recipes for needy families.

    Mitten Mountain

    Collect mittens and gloves for needy children and families.

    Soup Labels for a Van

    Help North American missionary, Pam Whitehead, win a free mini-van for her ministry in the Conestoga Mobile Home Park in Monroe, Ga., by collecting UPC codes from cans of soup and other products.

    Free Lunch in the Park

    Some missionaries distribute free sack lunches to needy people in parks. Plan a mission project to replicate these lunch-in-the-park ministries.

    Caring for the Homeless

    Children can make care packets full of hygiene items to either give to a homeless shelter or to distribute to homeless people where they congregate.

    Care Kits for Africa

    Assemble In-Home Care Kits for needy people in Africa. This is a Baptist Global Response project to provide basic health-care supplies to those who cannot buy them.

    Local Hunger Ministry
    Children can collect food for donation to a local food pantry.