Multi-site Church Planting

 These examples illustrate the direction our world is going--our institutions are growing larger and smaller simultaneously, blending the strength and influence that comes with size and the comfort and convenience of smaller, closer venues.

  • The multi-site church is a response that seeks to reach today's generation.  A Growing Phenomenon
    • 1990 - less than 10 multi-site churches
    • 2000 - less than 100 multi-site churches
    • 2004 - 1,500 multi-site churches
  • Where do they meet?
    • Among ALL CHURCHES 
      • Eighty six percent have their own facility
      • Fourteen percent rent space in schools or other facilities
    • Among Multi-site churches (Most do not have their own campuses)
      • Forty-five percent in schools
      • Thirteen percent in movie theaters
      • Ten percent in YMCA or community center
      • Ten percent in industrial parks
      • Ten percent former church buildings
      • Seven percent restaurants or sports bars

Download presentation  to read about the two major models and nine more specific models of multi-site churches and about specific churches.