Counselors in Ministry

Counselors in ministry is a form of care by which a minister with specialized training seeks to help others cope with personal, marital, family, social or religious problems. When people need help with personal problems, they often seek the clergy first. Ministers give much of their time to counseling and recognize the need to continually improve their counseling skills. Most theological training includes counseling emphases.

Counseling ministry has emerged as a specialized field of ministry. In addition to psychological and medical approaches to human problems, the counselor in ministry brings a pastoral care perspective to counseling. This ministry combines training in psychotherapy and psychology with religious and theological understanding.

Counselors in ministry are available in local churches, associational counseling centers, pastoral counseling centers, institutions, hospitals, geriatric residences and other settings. The ministries vary with the setting.

Basic Qualifications/Requirements for SBC Endorsement:

Each counseling professional organization has its own qualifications for certification. For specific application of qualifications to your situation, contact a chaplaincy associate at 770-410-6361.

Interested in becoming an endorsed counselor in ministry?