Beginning A Truck Stop Ministry

Truck stop ministry can be started in any place where drivers spend time. It doesn't matter how big or how small. The following are ideas to help you. Most important is be yourself and follow God's leading.

1. Since truck stops are on private property you will need to get permission to conduct any kind of ministry. You are providing them a service for the business. Service is key in the trucking industry. It is good to have a proposal that clearly lays out your intentions. As you ministry changes be sure to communicate these change to the management.

2. Do you intend to do this on your own or do you want to partner with a larger ministry that has locations nation wide. If you choose to partner they will assist you in getting permission from truck stop management.

3. Determine what you are prepared to do. Don't commit to anything that you can't deliver. Your ministry will not only impact drivers, but the employees and others who frequent the setting will also be observant of you actions.

You may only be able to start with a rack with bibles, tracts, and tapes. With regards to tapes be sure you know what you are passing out and have permission to use any copyrighted material. If bibles and tracts are how you begin, be organized and don't create work for the employees who may have to collect unwanted materials, which are spread out in the business.

Hopefully you can begin by holding a chapel service on Sunday morning. This can expand into a full-time ministry as God provides the people, space, and financial resources to do so.

4. Promote the ministry in your church or the area so servants can be found. This is for anyone who God is leading, not just drivers. Make sure all who are involved know of any restrictions you may have to do ministry at your location. For example: The employees are on company time so to counsel with them while they are working would not be appropriate.

5. You may be holding your service in a TV room or movie room with limited space. Praise God for what ever is provided, that may be the only room some drivers will come to hear the message for the day.

6. Materials are very important. Bibles can be New Testaments or the entire bible. Cost of these varies greatly. Tracts should be enticing. Sports tracts can be very effective in this work. For services it is good to have hymnals. These can be hand-me-downs but if possible hymnal with no church name is more accepted.

7. Chaplains or workers should be well marked with nametag and or shirt or vest.

8. You will need to make an effort to communicate your presence. The following is a list of ways to let drivers know about services.

    - Personal contact
    - Announcements on the intercom*
    - Flyers on the truck handles*
    - Signs in the building*

Note: Again permission is needed for those with asterisks

To find information on the Sunday Chapel Service proceed to that link.