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  • NAMB-state partnerships still strong | ()

    This is the time of year in our Southern Baptist family when our state Baptist convention partners gather for their annual meetings. I have enjoyed being a part of several of these events this year, which always provide a chance to hear about how God is working through our churches and partnerships in North America.

    Date Created: 11/13/2015 3:43:49 PM

    Pews-to-action plan for churches | ()

    What an encouragement it was this summer to see thousands of Southern Baptists show attend the Send North America Conference to learn more about how all of us can make an impact for Christ, no matter where He has placed us. A few hundred were pastors and church planters, but most were church members. These are the “everyday” missionaries who will make a huge difference for the gospel if large numbers of them start to actively share their faith.

    Date Created: 11/9/2015 6:20:05 PM

    Bi-vocational church planter hopes to catalyze movement in Edmonton | ()

    Long days have become the standard for Nathan Vedoya. As a bi-vocational church planter, there’s no such thing as typical, but this may be as close as it gets. He wakes up early, shares the breakfast-making responsibilities with his wife, and drops the kids off at school before heading to his full-time job as the shelter manager for Hope Mission in Edmonton, Alberta. His wife, Deen-Deen, also heads out to a full day of work at around the same time.

    Date Created: 7/16/2015 12:55:17 PM

    NAMB fund will assist African-American churches destroyed by fire | ()

    The North American Mission Board (NAMB) has established a fund to help African-American churches that have been damaged or destroyed by fire in recent weeks. Seven churches have been involved in the two weeks since a white supremacist murdered nine church members in Charleston, S.C. At least three of the fires have been determined to be arson. None as of yet have been ruled a hate crime, but investigations continue.

    Date Created: 7/2/2015 2:41:25 PM

    VIDEO: Ezell/Platt on God's global mission | ()

    NAMB president Kevin Ezell and IMB president David Platt discuss the importance of outward-focused churches in God's global mission. "As we celebrate these missionaries as they go we need to remember that we are each called to be missionaries."

    Date Created: 6/26/2015 10:31:44 AM

    VIDEO: NAMB/IMB Sending Celebration | ()

    Co-hosted by the IMB at the request of SBC President Ronnie Floyd, the Church and Missionary Sending Celebration closed out the Wednesday morning session of the SBC.

    Date Created: 6/18/2015 4:48:30 PM

    Ezell spotlights role of sending churches at SBC presentation | ()

    Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting messengers were reminded that their missionaries, sent from their churches, serve in dark places across North America and the globe. Co-hosted by the IMB at the request of SBC President Ronnie Floyd, the Church and Missionary Sending Celebration closed out the Wednesday morning session of the SBC.

    Date Created: 6/18/2015 2:43:25 PM

    VIDEO: North American Mission Board Report - 2015 | ()

    “Who would have dreamed that we will more than likely have a waiting list for a missions conference?” asked Ezell. “Southern Baptists, thank you again for your faithful prayers, your participation and your giving. We exist to serve you and it is a privilege to do so.”

    Date Created: 6/17/2015 7:59:52 PM

    Ezell shares NAMB Phase II vision in SBC Report | ()

    With much to celebrate in the North American Mission Board’s (NAMB) report to messengers in Wednesday morning’s session at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), president Kevin Ezell shared highlights of a year of ministry expansion and introduced what he called “NAMB Phase II” to messengers.

    Date Created: 6/17/2015 6:53:14 PM

    Vietnam Veterans honored in SBC opening session | ()

    This year marks the culmination of a three-year, nationwide effort to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the Vietnam War—a conflict often remembered more for its home-front protests than hometown heroes. Of the 3 million who served “in country,” an estimated 1 million were Southern Baptist.

    Date Created: 6/17/2015 9:24:07 AM

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