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  • Baptist Sandy rebuild continues two-plus years after storm’s landfall(2) | ()

    Baptist Sandy rebuild continues two-plus years after storm’s landfall

    Two and a half years after Superstorm Sandy struck, Jim Clark and his wife, Ena, of Long Beach, N.Y., are working to get into their new home with the help of Southern Baptist volunteers.Sandy’s storm surge lifted and shifted their home of 35 years off its foundation.


    Date Created: 4/6/2015 10:42:19 AM

    Your church, an Easter illustration | ()


    For years in Southern Baptist life the message among pastors about plateaued and dying churches was simple—stay away. As a church planter, I believed, and experience had shown me, that it was easier to start a new church rather than resurrect a dying church with damaged DNA. But there was a problem with that belief. Jesus is in the resurrection business. The church must be as well.

    Date Created: 4/3/2015 11:40:35 AM

    Resurrection power fuels North American church plants | ()

    One of the things I like best about being at the North American Mission Board is hearing all of the great stories about how God is at work through our church planters in North America. From time to time I like to pass them along to you.

    Date Created: 4/1/2015 5:15:08 PM

    Measuring church planting success | ()

    Recently NAMB was able to share good news that Southern Baptist church plants were up 5 percent in 2014. We still have a lot of catching up to do because our church planting efforts lost pace with population growth decades ago, but hopefully last year’s increase will begin a new trend.

    Date Created: 3/25/2015 2:53:47 PM

    Missionary “Farm System” already making impact | ()

    If you watch Major League Baseball in March, you’ll see players you’ve never heard of on the diamond. That’s what spring training is all about—young players from a team’s farm system showing what they can do against major league talent. The farm system plays a critical part in building a winning team.

    Date Created: 3/20/2015 11:47:41 AM

    Church plants up in 2014 | ()

    In 2014 Southern Baptists planted 985 new churches—a 5 percent increase over 2013 church starts.

    Date Created: 3/17/2015 12:29:31 PM

    Everyday opportunity to be on mission with God | ()

    Every day we face choices about how we are going to live our lives. Our culture tells us to live for ourselves and to seek the approval of others. But God calls us to a greater mission. He calls us to live for Him and to love our neighbors as He loves them.  

    Date Created: 3/14/2015 12:45:18 PM

    Platt: NAMB church planting efforts will help reach nations | ()

    Over the last year, I have had the privilege of visiting and preaching in many of the “Send” cities designated by the North American Mission Board (NAMB). As I have traveled to these cities and interacted with church planting and revitalization teams, I have been deeply encouraged to see and hear about all the avenues God is blessing for the spread of the gospel in North America. With over 80 percent of people on our continent now living in metropolitan areas, I am convinced that the need for more biblically faithful churches in these key urban centers is critical.     

    Date Created: 3/12/2015 9:47:58 AM

    No longer running, Mark Lashey is firmly planted in Delaware | ()

    Mark Lashey had zero desire to live in Delaware. There was no sweet tea, no biscuits. Children there didn’t say sir and ma’am. The Northeast seemed cold in terms of relationships, not to mention climate. Yes, he understood his wife, Tammy, wanting to raise their children close to her parents, but the state held no other attraction for him. Then he started praying during his regular neighborhood jogs. Through his praying, God gave Lashey a burden for the community.

    Date Created: 3/9/2015 5:09:09 PM

    Giving that makes a difference every day | ()

    We are grateful for every dollar Southern Baptists give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® for North American Missions. Sometimes you might feel far-removed from the results of the offering so let me remind you of a few. What you give to Annie helps Southern Baptists start new churches where they are needed most. In 2014 Southern Baptists planted 985 new churches. That’s up 5 percent over the previous year and in some places increases were even more dramatic. In Ohio 37 new churches were started—an increase of 20 over the previous year. In New York there were 42 new churches—an increase of 22. And in the Northwest Convention, which includes Oregon, Washington State and parts of Idaho, 27 churches were started—24 more than the previous year.

    Date Created: 3/9/2015 12:44:01 PM

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