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By Tobin Perry 

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Last month 835 Southern Baptist leaders attended the annual National Hispanic Evangelism and Mobilization Conference in San Antonio. According Joshua Del Risco, an evangelism coordinator at the North American Mission Board and organizer of the conference, 85 percent of those attendees were either pastors or church leaders.

The conference focused on helping Hispanics in North America reach out to other Hispanics, including second-and third-generations. An English track focused on Hispanic pastors who lead Hispanic, multicultural and English-language congregations and a Spanish track focused on the needs of leaders in first-generation Hispanic churches.

“Undergirding the entire conference was a strong emphasis on evangelism and church planting, not only among Hispanics but among other cultures as well, in particular, the unreached peoples,” Del Risco said. “Throughout the conference we felt the Lord’s presence and the Holy Spirit was at work bringing about healing, reconciliation and igniting a spark for spiritual awakening among the Hispanic church in North America.”

Both Southern Baptist Texas conventions participated in sponsoring and attending the conference (Baptist General Convention of Texas and Southern Baptists of Texas Convention).

“Participants in the conference were informed, inspired, and equipped for evangelism and church planting,” Del Risco said.

NAMB has made the Spanish audio files (en Español) of the conference available or download below.

To download MP3 files, right-click on the links below and select "Save Target As," "Save File As" or "Download Linked File." Left-click to play immediately in your default MP3 player application 

Serviciode Celebración MensajeLuis Gabriel César 

Devocional MensajeGerardo Custodio 

El futuro de la iglesia latina en Norteamérica Dr. Daniel Rodríguez   

Comprendiendo la mente del hispano en Norteamérica      Dr. Rudy González  

Serviciode Celebración Mensaje Luis Gabriel César  

Devocional Mensaje Gerardo Custodio  

Hacia undiscipulado radicalDavid Tamez  

El futuro de la iglesia latina en NorteaméricaDr. Daniel Rodríguez  

Serviciode Clausura MensajeLuis Gabriel César  


Date Created: 2/14/2013 2:54:18 PM

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