Five minutes with… Whitney Mire

In 2013, 23-year-old Whitney Mire moved to Brooklyn to participate in a 10-week Generation Send internship through the North American Mission Board. At the close of her internship, Mire, a native of St. Amant, La., decided to remain in New York to start her professional career and continue ministering in an urban context. Recently, Mire shared five minutes of her day with us.

 Tell us about   

…your first visit NYC.  

Winter 2009 for a week-long BCM trip to the Bowery Mission.

…your GenSEND experience.  

Challenging, but it gave me the space (not having to earn a living) and resources (access to a myriad of people and ministries) to grasp an understanding of what living missionally in NYC could look like.

…your decision to stay in NYC after GenSEND. 

I was already planning on staying and was trying to find a way to do that. You don't move to NYC when you're ready or else you never will. God provided the next steps to stay.

…what are you doing professionally in NYC.  

Currently I’m working at the Herman Miller NYC showroom and pursuing work in the commercial interior design field.

…your involvement with The Bridge church plant. 

I found out about the Bridge Church during the internship and from the first Bible study I attended I could see their authenticity and heart. I wasn't necessarily planning on working with a church plant, but I believe in what we're doing.

…your passion for NYC ministry.  

NYC invites you in only if you're willing to work for it — the people must respect you. I think Christians have shied away from this challenge, but there's so much richness here, and so much brokenness, that God desires us to speak into and seek renewal for His Glory.

…how the Lord has changed you in the last six months.  

Confidence. He's given me so many reasons to trust Him, but acting out on that faith is hard. And He's made me bolder in my personal decisions and in how I speak into others' lives.

…your favorite aspect of living in NYC? 

The diversity and energy — which can also be the hardest part. I love the richness, and knowing that big, amazing things are happening everywhere around you all the time.

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The Gospel changes the world and the world lives in Brooklyn.

This powerful statement, while few in words, is true and close to the heart of Pastor James Roberson and his downtown Brooklyn church plant, The Bridge.

The Bridge is launching their formal Sunday time of worship on Easter Sunday, April 20. Building toward the launch, with his core team Roberson has been hosting a Tuesday night Bible study that has attracted a growing, diverse faction of urban professionals, married couples and families.

Supporting Roberson’s vision to reach Brooklyn, The Bridge’s partner churches have been—and continue to be—ardent prayer warriors. Monthly, weekly and, sometimes, daily, The Bridge team is seeing answered prayers that are aiding their mission to reach Brooklyn.

As launch date inches closer, The Bridge core team asked themselves:“What would it look like if even more churches were praying for us?”

What then developed was a 21-day time of corporate prayer and fasting for The Bridge’s influence in Brooklyn. The Bridge team is asking anyone, or any churches, willing to join them in a time of prayer and fasting starting March 31. For 21 days, join The Bridge leaders in praying specifically that the Holy Spirit will show up in a mighty way on launch day, that those in attendance will come to know the Lord, and that the launch team remains strong and impactful.

Roberson and The Bridge have a vision to partner with networks and a variety of denominations to plant seven churches in metro New York: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and Westchester by 2020. For more information about The Bridge, see and follow The Bridge on Twitter at @bridgechurchnyc

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Church leaders can catch a vision for NYC

By Carol Pipes 

Ever wondered what it’s like to plant a church in a mostly Russian neighborhood in New York? Or how about among West Africans in Harlem? Now Southern Baptist pastors have a chance to see church planting up close and personal. The Send North America: New York City coalition is hosting a “Catch the Vision” Tour in October as part of the Send North America: NYC church planting strategy.

Pastors, mission leaders and church members will have the opportunity to meet “boots-on-the-ground” church planters and hear their vision for reaching a particular people group in their corner of the world.

“Catch the Vision tours are intended to be quick, cultural immersions in a specific city where we need established churches to partner with church planters to start new churches,” says Shane Critser, NAMB’s church mobilization team leader. “We want people to experience the city and hear directly from church planters.”

Send North America is designed to mobilize and assist churches and church planters for evangelistic church planting throughout the U.S. and Canada.

You don’t need a passport to see the world, according to Tom Richter, a church planter in Queens, N.Y. All you need is a metro card. The New York City metro area consists of 22 million people from more than 100 nations. Only 3 percent of the population in Manhattan identify themselves as evangelical, according to a study by the Values Research Institute.

On Oct. 18-19, church leaders will have the opportunity to soak up the sights, smells and sounds of the diverse mission field in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs.

“Church leaders will get a birds-eye view of what we see God doing in New York City,” says Steve Allen, NAMB’s lead catalyst for the NYC Tri-State Church Planting Team. “Then we’ll hit the road and do a rolling bus tour through the city visiting its diverse neighborhoods.”

Participants will hear church planters describe the challenges and joys of serving in the nation’s largest city. “We want to give churches the opportunity to hear the different ways we envision partner churches getting involved with church plants in the city,” Allen said.

For churches that have already registered for Send North America, the Catch the Vision tours are a natural next step to discovering where is the best fit for partnering in evangelistic church planting. For churches that already have chosen a city in which to serve, the vision tours will offer an opportunity to meet the church planters they will be working with and see first-hand their mission field. Churches who haven’t yet registered for Send North America are also encouraged to participate in one or more vision tours to learn more about NAMB’s church planting strategy and hear directly from church planters how vitally important partner churches are to the success of their ministries.

The cost of the NYC Catch the Vision Tour is $75, which covers two meals and two days’ bus transportation. To register for the tour contact John Ramirez at 212-580-0655, ext. 29 or Should you have further questions, feel free to contact your Church Mobilization Team at the North American Mission Board at or call 770-410-6388.

Carol Pipes is a writer for the North American Mission Board. 

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Come and see

By John Ramirez 

Listen. Can you hear it? Is that God calling? Calling you? Hundreds of people and churches across the United States and Canada will answer a call to come to New York to explore how they can be a part of an amazing church-planting movement sweeping the city.

Come and see. This is not a sightseeing invitation. Anyone can do that. This is a special invitation for you to interact with “real” New Yorkers. Within a 75-mile radius from Times Square live 22 million people, including more than 500 people groups and 800 languages.

Whether you come for a few days, a week or more, you will live like a New Yorker. Ride a crowded subway car where there is always room for one more. Eat ethnic food you don’t normally order at McDonalds. Ride the 7 train to Little India, then to La Corona and end up in Flushing, the second largest China Town in New York; all on the same subway line in Queens.

Come and be a part of a passionate movement to see New Yorkers come to faith in Jesus Christ. God is leading church planters from across the nation and Canada to plant in all five New York boroughs. They need partners in ministry. They need you.

Send North America: New York City is a strategy of the North American Mission Board to plant evangelistic churches for the purpose of reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most densely populated centers in the U.S. and Canada. Whether you are a large church or even a very small congregation, God may be calling you here. 

Click on “mobilize me” and get ready to use your New York passport to see the world. Passport? All you will need is a metro card. With that small card in your wallet, you can travel through the nations of the world living in the five boroughs of New York. There you will see that “cities are no longer in nations, nations are now in the cities.”

Listen. Closely. Is God calling? Church planters are coming. They need your help. Let’s partner together in New York.

John Ramirez is chairman of the New York City partnership coalition. 

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NYC initiative launches

Steve AllenThe Send North America: New York City initiative officially launches effective Sept. 30. Read all about what's planned, along with some profiles of some of our church planters and a strong example of a partnering church.

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