Staten Island plant hosts fall festival

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The Journey Church on Staten Island hosted a Fall Festival on Sunday, Oct. 26. The Journey team, under the leadership of Pastor Nick Mustakas, encouraged the children and families in the church to invite their friends from around the community.

Nearly 20 children attended, nearly doubling the church’s average Journey Kidz attendance. The Journey Kidz Director, Barbara, and her volunteers led the children in a Bible story about blessings. Then the children painted pumpkins and decorated Halloween sugar cookies. 

“It was an incredible time to see how much fun our church had and how the volunteers cam together to pull this off,” said Mustakas.

The Journey Church gathers for worship on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

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5 minutes with… Danielle Gonzalez


Having lived in NYC just over a year, Danielle Gonzales is one of NAMB’s female student missionaries serving the church planting efforts in metro New York City. Gonzales, a Georgia native, is living in the eclectic and rapidly growing community of Long Island City, Queens. She is serving at New City Church, also in Long Island City, as a Church PlantingTeam Member and the Ministry Advocate of Development.

“The Lord has been so incredibly faithful in bringing people into my life that pour into me, for me to pour into, and financially assist me,” said Gonzalez, who has also served in NAMB’s Generation Send mission program.

Recently, Gonzales shared five minutes of her day with us.

how did the Lord call you into serving in NYC: 

Through a series of mission trips and summer internships the Lord gave me a love for this incredible city. He continuously grew my heart and passion for NYC. I knew from the first day of my first trip (Spring 2010) I was supposed to be missionally involved here. I thought it might have been organizing, leading, and going on mission trips. BUT He had so much more planned. In the winter of 2013 I was praying over my last application to physical therapy school and asked for a clear and undeniable sign. It went something like this: if you want me to do something crazy like move to New York City and do church planting, I’ll do it. BUT I will not choose that over school. Within the next two weeks I was rejected from five physical therapy schools, yes five. I took that as more than all of the evidence I needed that my love for NYC and church planting wasn’t coincidental or just a hunch, it was God given. I immediately began praying and seeking ways to pursue ministry in NYC. In the summer of 2013 I did an internship called Generation Send through the North American Mission Board. This internship was the final piece of the puzzle in my coming to New York.

how are you reaching the women and children within that community:  

We are regularly doing community park outreach events that have fun and games for kids of all ages. Our goal, as we are in our parks, is to entertain the kids and engage the adults in spiritual conversations. These have been huge in getting to know people in our neighborhood.

any specific prayer requests for you:  

To “not grow weary of doing good”. Full time ministry is exhausting and time consuming, and often easily defeating when my perspective isn’t in check. Pray that I will remember that when it’s hard and when I am tired, that this is where the Lord has me.

favorite place to pray in NYC:  

Definitely the 17-acre park along the waterfront area of Long Island City.

You can follow Danielle’s ministry in New York here.    




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New City Church hosts hundreds at Community Carnival


In early October New City Church, a church plant ministering in Long Island City (LIC), Queens, hosted a Community Carnival. After welcoming hundreds of LIC locals, Pastor Patrick Thompson and his ministry team hope to develop the Carnival into an annual event that opens doors to building new relationships within the community. 

Held in Hunters Point South Park, New City Church leadership and volunteers partnered with five churches to organize and man Carnival booths that featured face painting, a cupcake walk, karaoke, a pumpkin toss, and children’s games.

“Through the work of multiple mission teams and New City Church members we had over 700 people in attendance and had 54 families/individuals express interest in our church,” said Pastor Thompson. 

New City Church strives to be a church known for serving and loving their community with grace and peace and was overwhelmed by the response of the LIC community to the Carnival.

Carnival attendees were greeted with a goody bag containing information on the church ministries and asked to register, those that registered received follow up from the church leadership team.

New City Church meets every Sunday morning at 11 a.m., follow the ministry here.

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SEND New York City October Update

Below you will discover what our church planters are working on this Fall and read about God’s activity in the city. Thank you for continual support of church plants in the metro New York City area. If we can be of service, please email Send City Coordinator, Steve Canter at

Praying for NYC

A church planting movement is God’s sovereign work in a particular area or amongst a group of people. As with all movements, there was a deliberate and intense time of prayer and pleading with God. As the foundation of our church panting work, Send NYC launched a new prayer initiative called 4·5·1. The 4·5·1 Initiative represents coming before the Lord 4 days a week and praying for 5 minutes for 1 community located within metro NYC. Join us in praying for NYC and invite others to join you so that we see a movement of God, learn more and register here. 

He is Faithful

In September we celebrated the launch of two churches. Under the pastoral leadership of Steven Stallard, Mosaic Baptist Church is reaching the multi-ethnic community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Read more about Pastor Stallard and his heart for reaching Brooklyn, here.

Metro City Church, under the pastoral care of Jon Carr, is sharing the love of Christ in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. With 125,000 people living in a three-square-mile area, Sunset Park needs a Gospel witness. Pray that the Lord will continue to give Pastor Carr and his team favor within their community.

This summer our Generation Send program welcomed 45 student missionaries. The group assisted our church planters and researched metro NYC neighborhoods.   

Planter Highlights

Just a ferry ride from Manhattan, Staten Island is a retreat from NYC’s busy streets for nearly 500,000 residents. For Pastor Nick Mustakas, the Island is a rich mission field. Please pray for Mustakas and his church plant, The Journey Church Staten Island. Send NYC is working towards planting another church on Staten Island. This fellowship would reach Staten Island’s Filipino population — a ministry opportunity we’ve been praying for.

Iglesia Bautista El Redentor is reaching the Spanish speaking community in Rahway, New Jersey. Join us in praying for Pastor Pedro Hernandez and the congregation as they prepare for ministry events in the fall and early winter. 

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Five Minutes with Jamie Rogers

Jamie Rogers, a NAMB and Send NYC Church Planting Intern, is working near the campus of Stony Brook University to launch TransformationChurch. Rogers, a husband and father of four, is working diligently to build and maintain relationships with Stony Brook U students.

Rogers recently shared five minutes of his time to tell us more about the Gospel movement on Long Island.

how did the Lord place metro NYC on your heart: The metropolitan area of NYC is one of the best areas in the world to be able to reach the WHOLE world!

share about the neighborhood in which you’re planting: Stony Brook University is the largest university on Long Island, with over 21,000 students, 6,000 of whom are internationals!

how are you reaching that community: By spending time on campus, meeting and hanging out with students, and starting outreach Bibles studies.

when will your church launch: We are starting Bible study on October 7th , and hope to launch during the fall semester of 2015.

where does your church meet: Our Bible studies are meeting in the Hilton Garden Inn which is right on campus of Stony Brook.

give an example of how the Lord has blessed your church: We have a large donor that stepped up immediately to provide the funding to rent the Hilton.

how can people be praying for your church: Pray students will be given a hunger for TRUTH, and that relationships can be built.

specific prayer requests for your family: Pray that we would remain satisfied in God’s call to Long Island.

favorite place to pray in NYC: On the campus of Stony Brook U!

Yankees or Mets: YANKEES! Who are the Mets?

Jets or Giants: Giants, if I have to choose.

Best slice of pizza in NYC: Carlo’s Pizza in Shirley, NY 


Facebook:Transformation Church NYC 



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5 minutes with…

Pastor Walter Valencia

With the support of his wife, Veronica, and their four daughters, Pastor Walter Valencia is sharing Christ’s love within the Spanish-speaking community of Woodside, Queens, at Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida. A New Yorker for nearly three decades, Pastor Valencia is passionate about Woodside—a working class and commercial neighborhood in the western portion of Queens.

Recently, Pastor Valencia shared five minutes of his day with us.

Tell us about 

…how did the Lord place NYC on your heart. 

I’ve been living in NY for nearly 30 years and wanted to share the love of God to the many that don't know it or ignore it.

… the neighborhood in which you’re planting. 

Diverse, many cultures represented in so little space. We’re excited for the opportunity.

…how are you reaching that community. 

Building relationships and programs designed to reach and engage people. Such as VBS, Ladies conferences, and coming soon, a men’s conference.

…when did your church launch. 

May 2010

…where does your church meet. 

 It is a blessing that the church owns the property in which we worship. The church is located at 45-04 48th Ave Woodside, New York, 11377.

…snapshot of your church. 

We’re Spanish speaking, and many Latin Americans countries are represented. We are hoping to be multicultural in the near future - please pray for this!

…how can people be praying for your church. 

Pray for maturity within our members, and we do not want to be complacent.

…favorite place to pray in NYC. 

While stuck in traffic in the Long Island Expressway! And walking west on 48th, while looking the empire state building.

The name of Jesus Christ is being advanced in Woodside; please join us in praying for Pastor Valencia and the impact of Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida.



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Reaching Muslims and Hindus in the tri-state region

Throughout the summer months, Send NYC has been greatly encouraged by the work of our church plants that are diligently seeking ways to reach our city’s Muslim and Hindu populations. Our church planters, along with their ministry teams, have been faithful to their calling and are seeing firsthand how God is creating opportunities to change lives and regenerate hearts among the Muslim and Hindu people of our region.

ethNYcity, a book and website sharing research on gospel influence in metro NYC neighborhoods, reports that there are over 800,000 Muslims in metro New York City, meaning that 1 out of every 10 Muslims in the US live in the NYC area. Additionally, over 400,000 Hindus live in Metro NYC – both groups with very little Gospel witness.

Send NYC has opted to not share the names of this group of church planters due to sensitivities within their ministry and out of respect for their families overseas. But, we can share that the summer months have generated reports that our church planters are taking advantage of opportunities to engage Muslim and Hindu families at local festivals, through one-on-one conversations, and during dinner gatherings. Together with these faithful church planters, Send NYC is celebrating that the Gospel message has been shared numerous times and is praying for the individuals that have asked for Bibles translated into their native tongue.

The fall and early winter will provide our church planters opportunities for additional outreach, please join us in praying for these events and that monetary needs will be met. Send NYC’s prayer initiative, called 4•5•1, is a powerful way that you can become a prayer partner for a metro NYC church plant, including those reaching the Muslim and Hindu communities. Click here for more information on 4•5•1 and join us in praying for gospel advancement in NYC.



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