• Michigan flooding, other opportunities draw SBDR volunteers | ()

    Michigan flooding other opportunities draw SBDR volunteers

    Massive flooding in Michigan affecting tens of thousands of homes and businesses has opened the door for ministry by Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) volunteers. The three-county area around Warren has been describe as the nation’s largest natural disaster that no one has heard about, largely because the news has been overshadowed by the fatal police-involved shooting and ongoing unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

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    St. Louis planters organize Ferguson cleanup | ()

    Ferguson cleanup

    When The Passage Church, on the border of the St. Louis suburbs of Florissant and Ferguson, partnered with local church plants to initiate a cleanup effort of the area following Sunday night’s rioting and looting and multiple days of heated protests, they weren’t doing anything new.

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    Missouri children meet KC planter their VBS funds support | ()

    Missouri children meet KC planter their VBS funds supports

    Children have been carrying bags full of pennies, nickels and dimes into Vacation Bible School in order to donate to Southern Baptist missionaries for years. Many never see what happens through their gifts or who benefits from them.


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    College ministry wins | ()

    If you have a favorite sports team you know how much fun it is to celebrate the wins. In every area of life I think it’s important to take a moment and observe significant achievement. We need to do that in ministry as well and recently we’ve had some important wins in Southern Baptist college ministry.

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    Urban Now | ()

    Urban Now

    Many church planters—Dhati Lewis and D.A. Horton among them—define urban as the meeting place of diversity and density. Both men are urban church planters, by any definition, and practical missiologists.


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    Net Gain | ()

    Net Gain

    When Steve Tiebout planted a church in northern California in the late 1990s, he would have relished the help of a worship leader like 23-year-old Curtis Looper. Young, talented, full of energy and with a passionate love of Jesus, Looper already shows the God-given ability to prepare a congregation for corporate worship. And at age 23, he’ll likely only get better.

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    Baptist help continues for Washington fire survivors | ()

    Gerry Roe and a team of more than 20 Northwest Baptist Convention volunteers were preparing food for fire survivors. Southern Baptists have been providing meals—about 1,200 a day—since Monday.


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    SBDR connection helps lead to baptism | ()

    Travis Kunckel had no idea his selection of a temporary base of operation for his consulting business would lead to the proprietor’s spiritual transformation.


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    Baptist Relief volunteers assist wildfire survivors | ()

    Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) teams began preparing meals and providing shelter on Sunday, July 20, for families affected by wildfires in Okanogan County Washington.

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    Once dying Tennessee church re-launches with outward focus | ()

    Once dying Tennessee church re-launches with outward focus.

    When Jim Jackson became the pastor of Faith Fellowship Church in Johnson City, Tenn., in January 2013, his first move wasn’t what you might expect.


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