• Super Bowl 50 highlights area with big church planting need | ()

    As the nation prepares for the first Super Bowl in the Bay Area in nearly three decades, Southern Baptists will turn their eyes to a changing mission field—but one with a consistent need for new churches.

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    The Pastor Factor In Top Evangelistic Churches | ()

    Leading on mission is critical for pastors to help their people find where they fit in God’s mission and to help them fulfill their calling. The “Pastor Factor” in top evangelistic churches is a key to kingdom impact and significance.

    Date Created: 2/2/2016 3:01:22 PM

    When obedience means waiting | ()

    Zach Koon and Rebecca March thought they had everything figured out. First, graduation. Then a May wedding. God had other plans—including service on a GenSend church planting team in Portland, Ore.


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    Baptist Relief volunteers still serving after St. Louis flood | ()

    A month after heavy Midwest rains created historic flooding that damaged hundreds of homes and killed at least two dozen people along the Mississippi River, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) will wrap up relief jobs this week and begin to consider the need for long-term rebuilding efforts.

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    Interview with J.R. Lee @ Freedom Church | ()

    Lee Interview

    J.R. Lee is the Lead Pastor at Freedom Church in Acworth, Ga. The church averaged 1,700 in their weekend worship gatherings in 2014 and baptized 376 new believers. Watch as Pastor J.R. shares some of his story and how God has worked through their church.

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    Southern Baptists respond to Flint water crisis | ()

    Charnisha Brown could describe in one word her feeling when she first realized that the water coming out of her pipes was contaminated—devastated.


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    Following the dream | ()

    JACKSON, Tenn. – Austin Coleman has known what he was meant to do since his sophomore year in high school. That’s when the now 24-year-old attended a church planting conference in Dallas with his father.





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    Bags packed by love | ()

    Since 2001, Appalachian Regional Ministries (ARM), a ministry of the North American Mission Board (NAMB), has collected and distributed over 140,000 Christmas backpacks and boxes filled with toys, school supplies and other gifts. All of those gifts were delivered to children affected by poverty in Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta and beyond. With every backpack, there are at least two stories—the story of the family who gave, and the story of the family who received. There are also the outlier stories—the narratives of the people who have the honor of delivering those backpacks.



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    Catch the vision and see God move | ()

    As the cities across North America have continued to grow, Christianity has been on the decline. The United States Census Bureau recently posted that although cities only comprise about 3.5 percent of U.S. land area, the majority of the U.S. population (62.7 percent) live within them.

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    Knowing your limitations as a leader | ()

    Lewis,MichaelMany people perceive that their pastor has an 'S' on his chest and that he is Superman—with super-human abilities, a super-human family and no limitations of time, space or finances. We, as pastors, know that is simply not true. We, along with our families, are very human and fallen. 






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