• Friends collide, church flourishes | ()

    Pastor Friends

    Many of us still remember our childhood best friend’s name. We remember their hair color, freckles and the countless after-school adventures. Fast-forward to high school, and our friends were crucial during late-night study sessions, pizza runs and painful breakups. But somewhere through the hustle of graduating, finding a job and creating a family, many of us run out of time for intimate friendships that are outside of their family and work life.

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    Character trumps everything | ()

    Kingdom FirstWhen it comes to leading a church, character trumps everything. A long standing church can often survive the calamity of a disgraced leader, but a new church rarely can. There is much on the shoulders of a church planter.


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    Church Planting in College Towns: From Ames, to Iowa City, to the End for the Earth | ()

    In the last few decades a building angst has grown around reaching college students with the gospel. Church leaders have long seen the importance of making disciples among collegians, but many churches are stymied by the time and resources required to engage universities around them.

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    Looking Past Discrimination, Showering Grace | ()

    It has been 14 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and many are still searching for answers. Americans often struggle with how to handle the international aftermath, move on and accept Muslim neighbors.


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    After the Storm: SBDR Survivor Care | ()

    When the chainsaws and mud-out equipment are packed away and the signs of the disaster dissipate, there are still needs that remain. That’s where Randy and Ronda Corn come in with the newly-launched Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) survivor care ministry.


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    Adopted into the Family | ()

    When I gave birth to our youngest biological child in 2011, the total expenses were comparable to the cost of adoption. Of course, we have health insurance that is funded by other folks who, just like us, are required to pay in to offset those major medical expenses.

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    Church plant shares gospel by meeting needs in Oregon | ()

    For professing Christians, washing the feet of another person has a specific spiritual connotation, reminding believers of Jesus’ example within the Gospels of washing His disciples’ feet the evening before His arrest. But for a homeless man or woman who spends their days and nights on the streets, the meaning is particularly practical.

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    NAMB-state partnerships still strong | ()

    This is the time of year in our Southern Baptist family when our state Baptist convention partners gather for their annual meetings. I have enjoyed being a part of several of these events this year, which always provide a chance to hear about how God is working through our churches and partnerships in North America.

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    Spanish 3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide available | ()

    The Life On Mission resource suite concept, first introduced at the Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore with a 3 Circles: Life Conversation presentation, continues to see expanding resources and influence. A Spanish version of the entire suite is now available.


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    Pews-to-action plan for churches | ()

    What an encouragement it was this summer to see thousands of Southern Baptists show attend the Send North America Conference to learn more about how all of us can make an impact for Christ, no matter where He has placed us. A few hundred were pastors and church planters, but most were church members. These are the “everyday” missionaries who will make a huge difference for the gospel if large numbers of them start to actively share their faith.

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