• NAMB’s focus on ‘gospel conversations’ among 2014 highlights | ()


    As 2015 rolls in, the North American Mission Board reflects upon a year that included an increasing emphasis on helping Southern Baptists develop evangelistic conversations, the kick off of its Send North America Experience Tour, and the launch of a new book designed to help believers see that “every life on mission matters.”

    Date Created: 12/19/2014 10:26:45 AM

    Celebrating God's work in 2014 | ()

    There were many ministry highlights at NAMB through Send North America this year that bring reason to celebrate.

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    NAMB staff gives back to community during day of service | ()

    NAMB staff gives back to community during day of service

    Whatever it takes is one of the North American Mission Board’s operating values. Staff are reminded that the board exists to serve Southern Baptists and Southern Baptist churches. Giving back to the community in service was a tangible demonstration of this value as staff participated Dec. 12 in the annual NAMB Day of Service.

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    Mobilizing Churches to Plant Churches | ()

    As the North American Mission Board heads into the fourth year of the Send North America (SNA) Strategy, I have been taking inventory of all that God has done up to this point.

    Date Created: 12/5/2014 3:53:45 PM

    Reaching metro L.A. one community at a time | ()

    Reaching metro L.A. one community at a time

    God called D. J. Jenkins to a community with a population of around 40,000. In the midst of a mostly upper middle-class neighborhood full of young families, Jenkins set out to plant a church in a place where there were no evangelical churches. In many ways Studio City is like a thousand other communities of around 40,000 people throughout North America.

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    Teatro renovado ser· iglesia multiÈtnica | ()

    Cuando las luces se apaguen en el histÛrico Hollywood Playhouse del sur de la Florida y el reflector apunte al pastor MartÌn Vargas, Èl tiene la intenciÛn de que el mensaje sea el centro del escenario: "Dios sabe; Èl cambia vidas; hay crecimiento en la verdad; y nosotros estamos llevando a cabo la Gran ComisiÛn."

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    Beating holiday stress | ()

    Beating holiday stress

    The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year. I love the opportunities it brings to spend time with my family and friends, enjoying good fellowship and good food in the process.





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    Margin, exercise critical for pastors during busy, stressful holiday season | ()

    Margin, exercise critical for pastors during busy, stressful holiday season

    Miss a Sunday School Christmas party, lose a church member. That’s a lesson 25-year ministry veteran Larry Yarborough refused to concede to when confronted by a typically well-adjusted church member who left the church after Yarborough missed a Sunday School Christmas party.

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    SBDR leaders keep wary eye on snowmelt flooding | ()

    SBDR leaders keep wary eye on snowmelt

    When massive storms dump snow accumulations taller than the average person, all of that snowmelt has to go somewhere. Officials in Buffalo, N.Y., anticipate potential floodwaters following the seven feet of snow that fell on some parts of the city through Nov. 21. Cities across the Northeast are facing similar flood scenarios and the prospect of even more snow. The polar blast, generated by a pacific storm that curved north into the Arctic pushing a cold front, brought freezing temperatures and snowfall to parts of all 48 contiguous states. The New York snow event has also been responsible for 12 weather-related fatalities.

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    NAMB hosts Disaster Relief panel discussion | ()

    NAMB hosts Disaster Relief panel discussions

    Whether it’s a tornado in Oklahoma, a wildfire in Washington or a hurricane in New York, disaster survivors need more than assistance with rebuilding their homes when tragedy strikes. They need help rebuilding their lives. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) is committed to providing help, healing and hope to disaster survivors across North America.

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