• Other Prayer Resources

    30 Ways to Pray for Missionaries (PDF
    Pray for missionaries in your personal prayer time or with a group using biblical prayer prompts that cover the many aspects of ministry. 

    Please print it and share it with other members of your church, Bible study or small group. Color | Black and White 

    Shield a Badge with Prayer 

    Provides information to involve church members in praying daily for public servants, including law enforcement officers and firefighters in the community.

    Seven Days with Our Pastor Prayer Guide (PDF)  

    Day of Prayer for Revival and National Spiritual Awakening Brochure (PDF)  

    Sweet Hour of Prayer Revival Guide (PDF) 

    This booklet is a brief spiritual preparation guide to help believers prepare for prayer and personal revival through cleansing and repentance. We are working on another format for this booklet and it will soon be available.

    Printing Instructions:
    1. COVER PAGE: The first page is the cover and back page for the booklet. You could print this on card stock paper. Begin numbering the pages with the 2nd page. Do not count the cover page.
    2. THE FOLLOWING 8 PAGES: These pages will copy in order if you select them as a 2 sided document.
    3. MAKE BOOKLET: Staple the printed pages inside the cover to form the booklet.


    Missionary Directory
    Locate and pray for missionaries on their birthday

    International Mission Board Prayer Resources
    Prayer resources available from the prayer office at the International Mission Board, SBC