• Personal Evangelism

  • Building a Prospect Base

    It has been estimated that only 3 percent of all lost people come to church on their own initiative. This leaves 97 percent to be discovered, cultivated, encouraged, and brought in by other means. The Tool for Locating and Cultivating Evangelistic Prospects e-book linked below was originally published as part of The Net, but can be used with whatever strategy you use for discovering people who need Jesus.


    CROSS Evangelism Training teaches six different approaches to sharing the good news of God’s forgiveness and eternal life. This training also leverages the internet and popular social media sites to help believers share their faith.

    Door-to-Door Surveys

    Going house-to-house is a wonderful way to discover prospects and to engage persons in a spiritual dialogue resulting in professions of faith in Christ. Learn what makes an effective spiritual opinion survey and download surveys used successfully by others.

    Evangelistic Preaching

    The pulpit is central in creating a climate for evangelism in the church. Fifty Great Soul-Winning Motivational Sermons, now a free e-book, was originally published in 1994. It features sermons by some of the greatest evangelistic pastors and church leaders.

    Make Your Church Visitor-Friendly

    This free PowerPoint presentation and listening guide will help your church develop a strategy to ensure each visitor will be made to feel welcome, have questions answered, learn about the church's ministries, and want to come back.

    One-Day/One Hour Witnessing Workshop

    Equip believers in your church to be effective witnesses in one day—or as little as one hour! Give believer the skills necessary to present the basics of the gospel using a colorful witnessing card. All training materials are available for free download.


    RELAY is a dynamic six-week experience designed to motivate and equip believers from the inside out in relational evangelism the context of a small group.

    Soul-Winning Commitment Day

    Soul-Winning Commitment Day is an annual emphasis in churches focused on building relationships with the lost and reaching them with the good news of Jesus Christ. View resources at www.thebigday.org.

    Using Tracts

    Tracts have been a valuable witnessing resource for generations. They can be used with very little preparation, and you don’t have to memorize a lot of Scriptures. Learn how to use witnessing booklets most effectively, and see the tracts NAMB has available for order. Our most popular tract is available in 17 languages.