Chaplaincy Quarterly Reporting

    All endorsed/approved Southern Baptist chaplains, chaplain candidates and counselors in ministry are required to complete four reports each year (see due dates below). Statistical data reported should be reflective of Chaplaincy and/or Counseling Ministry only. We ask that you not include pastorate statistical data. 

    Regular reporting offers you the opportunity to "tell your story" through statistical data, comments and attached photos or documents. It also enables NAMB to maintain your current contact and ministry/duty station information 



    Due Date 



    Apr 15th



    Jul 15th



    Oct 15th



    Jan 15th



    RegOnline has been used for several years by Chaplaincy for online Chaplain Development Conference registrations. RegOnline offers a "survey" functionality that enables us to customize a form better suited to the unique needs of the more than 70 categories of chaplains. This enables us to paint a better picture of what our chaplains accomplish in a three-month period.
    Passwords - Usernames and passwords are managed automatically. If you have previously registered for one of our conferences using RegOnline, providing your email and password will populate the survey with your contact information. 

     If you do not remember your password, you may choose to do one of the following:

    1. Choose “Reset Password” and follow the instructions, or 
    2. Choose “Start a New Survey” – This bypasses the need for a password; however, contact information will not be populated.

    Alternate Technology – You may use Safari on an iPad to complete the survey; however, smartphone technology (iPhones and Androids) is not compatible—only a limited portion of the survey is visible using a smartphone.  

    At the end of each quarter, you will receive an email from us with a unique link to that quarter's report. The link will also be posted on this webpage. 

    The unique link for the First Quarter 2016 survey (due April 15, 2016)
    (ministry dates January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016) is:  

      1st Quarter 2016 Report   


    Those who prefer manual reporting may click on the link below:


     Microsoft Word Quarterly Report Form  

    After completing, please email as an attachment to chaplainquarterly@namb.net, fax to 678-624-3500 or send via USPS to:

    North American Mission Board, SBC
    ATTN:  Chaplaincy Team
    4200 North Point Parkway
    Alpharetta, GA  30022