• Leading for Change

    With Johnny Hunt

    We as leaders have been gifted and enabled by our heavenly Father to lead toward CHANGE. Things must CHANGE in order to reverse the trend of declining churches. During our time together, we will talk about our mission in the local church and our role as leaders in effecting that CHANGE. We will seek and commit to accommodate CHANGE in order to impact our communities with the gospel. It can happen—join the MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE!

    The conference is free but an RSVP is required, as lunch will be provided.
    Email legacy@namb.net, or call 770-410-6540 with questions about the conference. 

    2015  Location  RSVP 
    April 15 Rogers, Ark.  RSVP 
    April 20 Knoxville  RSVP  

    Legacy church planting Roundtable

    The Legacy Church Planting roundtable is an introduction to the issue of dying churches. Among the questions and topics explored are:

    • How do you know God has called you to replant a dying church?
    • How do you prepare for replanting a dying church?
    • How do you identify churches at risk?
    • How do you motivate a dying church to embrace options for change?

    Learn from leaders who are experiencing success at replanting in a wide variety of settings.For more information, email legacy@namb.net, or call 770-410-6540.

    2015  Location  RSVP 
    October 27 Washington D.C.  Coming Soon