• SnackPack Missions

    SnackPack Missions is a collection of 15- to 20-minute lesson plans available for free as PDF documents. Each features a learning activity, lesson, a challenge that encourages children to become involved in missions and a parent letter. An easy, exciting, and effective strategy, SnackPack integrates into existing ministries focused on children such as Sunday School, Backyard Bible Clubs, Awana, Upward Sports and homeschool.

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    2012 SnackPack Missions

  • What Are You Interested in

    Kids will learn that when we show others we care, they will be interested in hearing what we have to share.

    Me Cheat-Not With God's Help

    The objective of this lesson is to help make children realize that God will help them overcome peer pressure to cheat in school or anywhere else.

    You Can Do It

    The objective of this lesson is to demonstrate that God can use people to do things they never believed themselves capable of doing.

    What a Mighty God

    The students will lean that God still performs miracles today. His miraculous acts are not only relegated to Bible stories and events long ago. God wants to use us in amazing ways as we follow Him to make an eternal difference in the lives of people.

    Somebody Watching

    Students will be reminded that people are watching them to see if they are good examples for Christ. They will be challenged to set a good example in all they do.

    Parades, Cowboys and Camp

    Boys and girls will understand what an attractional event is and how they are used to tell people about Jesus.

    Never Too Young

    The objective of this lesson is to show children how God can use people their own age and how young people can develop their callings.

    Listen Closely

    Children will discover that God uses people to share His message.

    God Can

    Students will learn that even those who seem most distant from God can become Christians when faced with the power of the gospel.

    Follow the Bouncing Ball

    The objective of this lesson is to help children understand that God's plans may not be as direct as we might like.

    What Now

    This lesson will encourage kids that God will never leave them, even during difficult times, and that god has a special plan for their lives for His service.

    What Does God See

    Children will understand that God's love and forgiveness extends to people judged guilty by man and incarcerated in a correctional institution.

    Where No Means Yes

    Children will learn that often the first step towards reaching people with the good news of Jesus is being a friend.

    The Solution to Problems

    This lesson will challenge kids to tell God about their problems and trust Him to take care of them.

    Ministry to Creatives

    Children will understand that their creative talents can be used to tell others about Jesus, and that creative people need to know Christ, too.

    Humble Like a Horse

    The objective of this lesson is to teach children the importance of being humble and allowing God to have control of our daily lives.

    Film Night

    Just as Jesus used stories to share the truth with many, we can use stories (including movies) to share truths about God.

  • 2011 SnackPack Missions

  • Icon Through the Eyes of the Children

    God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS) is an evangelism emphasis by the North American Mission Board. Participation in GPS is an excellent way to teach children to share their faith. Students will hear how children from Vietnamese Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania participated in GPS.

    Icon Yo-Yoing for Jesus

    Yo-yos are lots of fun. Who hasn’t played with one? Have you ever considered using a yo-yo to tell people about Jesus? Well, Tyler Young does just that. Tyler is a missionary kid whose family is serving in the Czech Republic.

    Icon Teaching English, and Jesus, too!

    Students learn about Paulette DeHart, who works with Literacy Missions in Georgia. Students focus on Paulette’s ESL ministry with immigrants to the United States and her opportunities to tell them about Jesus, too. 

    Icon An MK in Asia

    Carter Parker* is a teenager who is very active with his parents’ ministry in Asia. Fearful at first when they moved to Asia, Carter now says that Asia feels more like home than America. 

    Icon Maker of the Mountains

    In this lesson, the children will be introduced to Joe and Kim Kelley. They are missionaries in Bovec, Slovenia. They serve in what is classified as a pioneer area, meaning there are few or no believers. 

    Icon Left Behind

    We’ve all heard the old saying, “You can’t take it with you,” which is a commentary on our inability to take worldly goods into the hereafter. Children will learn that God’s call on a life may require making major changes and some sacrifices.

    Icon The Sound of Freedom!
    Chaplaincy is an important ministry. Students will hear from Navy Chaplain Philip Nieto, assigned to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Memorial Chapel in North Carolina, share the realities of life as a military chaplain.

    Icon Team-Up!

    Children will learn about Boyd and Rhonda Hall, missionaries in South Africa. The lesson focuses on the value of teamwork, something Boyd has witnessed firsthand through sports missions.

    Icon God's Plan for Sharing

    Kids are introduced to God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS), an evangelism emphasis by the North American Mission Board. Students will learn how they can be a part of GPS.

    Icon Glad to Meet You!

    Students will learn how the Bankston family, church planters in Rhode Island, find creative ways to meet people to invite them to church. Children are encouraged to also find creative ways to invite people to their church.

    Icon Fit for Christ

    Kids will learn about the importance of physical and spiritual health as they meet missionary Andrew Mann in New York City. Andrew serves as pastor of Graffiti 2 in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx. Kids are encouraged to contribute to the well being of others, too.

    Icon Down the Steep Staircase

    Ben and Judy Armacost serve in Tasmania, a small island south of Australia. Ben and Judy share Christ by helping people and being good friends.

    Icon Don't Be Distracted-Share Jesus

    There are many distractions in life that can keep us from following the Great Commission and sharing Jesus. Children will meet Lynn Webb, a missionary in North Carolina. Lynn believes we should plan to share Christ with people wherever we go.

    Icon A Bumpy Ride

    Have you ever done something for God that felt scary? Lily Wells* has. She helps families from other cultures transition to life in a new country. Lily works in Australia and sometimes has to teach women how to drive a car.

  • 2010 SnackPack Missions

  • Icon A Gift for Everyone

    Dr. Doug and Cheryl Derbyshire are medical missionaries to Thailand. God has also given you talents to use for Him.

    Icon A Gift to Share

    This lesson challenges your students to think about the importance they place on the Bible. Children are introduced to Bobby Fuller, a port chaplain in Texas. Bobby ministers to seafarers from all over the world.

    Icon A Knock on the Door

    Rick and Cooky Kuter serve in Thailand. They start Bible studies and churches, and they tell as many Thai people as they can about Jesus.

    Icon Building Bridges with Canoes

    We can share Christ anytime, anywhere. Missionary Jeff Christopherson, Canada.

    Icon Family Missions in the Philippines

    Children are introduced to the Abagons, a family who went on a mission trip to the Philippine Islands. Children are encouraged to ask their parents to consider going on a family mission trip.

    Icon From Driven to Forgiven

    Use your God-given skills and talents to share Christ. On-Mission Christian Brad Bennett, BMX bike ministry.

    Icon Getting There is Half the Fun

    Through your example, and the example of Gary Smith and other missionaries, children may learn that with God nothing is impossible, in spite of unfavorable circumstances. With God’s help, getting there can be half the fun!

    Icon Go River Girl!

    Missionary Nova Glass has turned a birth disability into an ability to serve God even more effectively. God can turn a liability into an asset.

    Icon God's Witnessing Team

    We can all share Christ and we don’t have to go it alone. Children perform a witnessing skit. Missionary Vincent Chevalier, India.

    Icon Hometown Minister in Paradise

    You can be on mission in your own backyard. Pastor James Shiroma, Hawaii.

    Icon I Witnessed to Myself!

    There are many ways to share Christ. Children will make simple versions of the Evangecube. Missionary Veryl Henderson, Hawaii.

    Icon Life's a Puzzle

    Children will learn that they are never too young to tell people about Jesus. Meet Bob Loy, chaplain to seafarers in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Icon Loving People Like Jesus Loves Them

    Jesus teaches us to love people from other cultures. Meet NAMB’s youngest missionary, Ashley Cummins, Atlanta, Georgia.

    Icon Make Them Feel at Home

    Homelessness deserves a compassionate response. Missionary Michelle Bruss, works at a homeless shelter in New Orleans, La.

    Icon Meet the Bubble Lady!

    South Asia is identified as a mission field. Missionaries Finn and Jacci Aurora*, South Asia. Jacci is known as the Bubble Lady.

    Icon Missions by the Mile

    Church planter Fernando Amaro helps establish Hispanic churches throughout Arizona. Children learn about some of the tasks associated with church planting.

    Icon Omba 4 the Children!

    The children of East Africa are a mission field in need of prayers. Meet Brad and Willow Thomas, missionaries to Cushitic children of East Africa.

    Icon Once Upon a Time

    Children learn about missionaries and volunteers who teach people about Jesus in a dramatic way: they use Bible storytelling.

    Icon One Way

    There is only one way to have a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Children are encouraged to share this with others using M2E, mouth to ear evangelism. The McIntires, a missionary family to the Lebou people in Senegal are featured. Plan of Salvation given.

    Icon Precious News

    Share the good news with others. Students meet Charles Carlson, missionary to the islands of Southeast Asia.

    Icon Serving the Lord in the Land of Enchantment

    This lesson tells about two Royal Ambassador boys from Missouri who accompanied their mothers on a mission trip to New Mexico.

    Icon Step Into the Boat!

    God will help you overcome your fears. Kids play a short game of Fear Factor. Missionaries Steve and Ann Corbin, New Orleans, La are featured.

    Icon Sunny's First Mission Trip

    This lesson introduces children to Holly and Sunny Gutierrez, a mother and son who went on a mission trip.

    Icon The Importance of Your Example

    Meet missionary kids, Luke and Caleb Howse who travel with their dad, missionary Bill Howse through the state of Arkansas.

    Icon The Not-So-Super Super Hikers

    Just like a filter purifies water, Christ purifies us. Craig and Suzy Miles minister to hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

    Icon The Rough Spots

    This lesson urges perseverence in difficult circumstances. See how James Cecil, church planting missionary to two Native American reservations in Arizona, perseveres.

    Icon The Ultimate Wave

    Missionaries model God’s love through building positive relationships. Missionaries Sean and Jessica Regan, Reunion Island (off the coast of Madagascar).

    Icon Who is Your Hero?

    Children meet Missionary Ron Climer, former drug addict. Children understand how to identify and choose their heroes. Plan of Salvation given.

    Icon Wireless Compassion?

    Personal contact is the best way to show compassion for people. The Davis family, missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa are covered.

  • 2009 SnackPack Missions

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