Wynn It Counts: Permission to surrender

Editor's Note; Wynn It Counts is a new video series hosted by Larry Wynn, NAMB's vice president of evangelism. 


By Adam Miller 

If you visit Cross Church in Springdale, Ark., on a Sunday morning, chances are you won’t leave without the opportunity of a lifetime.

“In my church you can count on the following four things,” says Pastor Ronnie Floyd. “I will always invite people to come to Christ, I will always offer an opportunity for people to join with Cross Church, I will provide a time for people to respond to a call to full time ministry and we always invite people to pray and seek the Lord.”

In this recent video interview with Larry Wynn, the North American Mission Board’s vice president of evangelism, Floyd illustrated the continued importance and relevance of the invitation in the worship practices of his church.

Floyd says the invitation often begins before the end of the sermon, letting listeners know the importance of staying and responding.

“No matter what I preach, there’s always a gospel element,” says Floyd. “And about 90 percent of the time, after the sermon I will move people immediately to prayer, asking them to respond in some way.

“I’m all for being creative, but we also need to be consistent,” he adds.

Continually offering an opportunity for repentance and surrender, even in the smallest of churches, should be incorporated into every church’s service, says Floyd. A pastor’s job in the invitation is to be consistent, urgent, personal and clear.

“Never underestimate the power of the personal testimony,” says Floyd. “Make the need to respond urgent. And focus on clarity of message. People cannot and will not respond to what they don’t understand.”

Finally, Floyd emphasizes the importance of the gospel essentials in every message and our dependence on God for responses.

“We should ask ourselves ‘How much of the true gospel message have I been able to give,’” says Floyd. “And we have to remember that their response to God has nothing to do with me. God didn’t call me to be accountable for their response. I’m just the delivery boy. My job is to make it clear. God provides the increase.”

Adam Miller is a writer for the North American Mission Board. 

Date Created: 1/30/2012 4:31:52 PM

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