Staff Directory

Executive Office

Shared Services

Tom Wigginton

Senior Executive Director

Marjorie Bowman

Executive Administrative Specialist

Renee Maples

Internal Auditor


Connie Sewell

Director of Hospitality/Facilities

Eric Beal

Senior Facilities Engineer

Angelo Pearson

Maintenance Supervisor

Scott Bolen

Maintenance Technician

Carley Reiter

Hospitality Consultant

Juana Mercedes

Hospitality Hostess

Patty Spafard

Hospitality Consultant

Financial Services

Matt Smith

Chief Accounting Officer/Controller

Donna Petteys

Assistant Controller

Audrey Childress

Financial Reporting Manager

Nancy Little

Budgeting Director

Jordan Wilson

Senior Accountant

Shari McCoy

Procurement Consultant

Debbie Burr

Staff Accountant

Chris Toy

Staff Accountant

Jarel Nixon

Accounts Payable Manager

Lezlie Grimes

AP Accountant - Part-time

Amy Pearce

Staff Accountant

Ray Clark

Chief Finance Officer

Jimmy Thompson

Administration/Credit Manager

Christina Anthony

Loan/Closing Processor

Catherine Autry

Property Administrator

Samuel Romero

Promotions Consultant

Rick Fields

Procurement Consultant

Kenneth Augustin

Staff Accountant

Chloe Robertson

Staff Accountant

Erin Camp

Executive Assistant

Information Services

Roger Robb

Chief Technology Officer

Darren Pyle

Application Services Manager

Steve Bean

Solutions Architect

David McNair

Data Services Manager

Joshua Sutter

Systems Engineer

Charlotte Myrick

Business Analyst

Cheryl Castleberry

HRIS Manager

Jeff Brazier

Solutions Support Director

Tez Andrews

Director of Solutions Development

Kelly Schelini

Information Services Specialist

Chris Rodriguez

Technical Resources Administrator

Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer

Stacey Payne

Benefits Manager

Lebron Pinkerton

Wellness/Safety Consultant

Maggie Greenwood

Human Resources Manager

Linda Grimes

Endorsed Missionary Services Specialist

Cindy Vankempen

Endorsed Missionary Services Specialist

Chris Camp

Payroll Manager

Charlee Renfro

Executive Assistant

Jai-Sha Fleming

Total Rewards Senior Director

Gabby Older-Folkes

Payroll Specialist

Nate Whyte

Human Resources Analyst

Connection Center

Tim Wolfe

Connection Center Senior Director

Mike Riggins

Missionary Mobilization Manager

Erica Lanham

Customer Support Consultant

Jeff Wagner

Mobilization Coordinator

Malorie Clark

Connection Center Specialist

Suni Amable

Customer Service Representative

Karla Guillen-Reyes

Customer Service Representative

Bruce Lee

Connection Services Consultant

Lindsey Zayn

Customer Service Representative

Marketing & Events

Andrew Kistler

Marketing/Event Project Specialist

Dustin Willis

Chief Marketing Officer

Lee Cunningham

Events Team Manager

Heather Brooks

Events Logistics Consultant

Debbie Sills

Events Logistics Consultant

Greg Finley

Events Execution Coordinator

Katie Bell

Event Consultant

Deb McCutchen

Event Support Specialist

Julie McCullough

Events Specialist

Ashley Cunningham

Marketing Management Coordinator

Kelsie Good

Marketing Management Specialist

John Carter III

Marketing Management Specialist

Peg Jones

Director, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

Greg Teffertiller

Send Relief Marketing Director

Adam Bain

Senior Creative Director of Marketing

Faith Morgan

Content Manager

Meredith Yackel

Senior Writer

Josie Rabbitt Bingham


Shawn Elledge

Art Manager

Matt Carson


Hayley Catt

Designer and Photography Consultant

Meredith Lyons

Graphic Designer

Eric Kent

Video Manager

Tony Hudson

Video Producer

Jackson Harris

Video Specialist

James Dotson

Marketing Operations Manager

Ben McDaniel

Digital Production Specialist

Carmon Keith

Integrated Communications Coordinator

Mark Hobafcovich

Relational Marketing Coordinator


Joel Southerland

Executive Director of Evangelism

Catherine Renfro

Executive Assistant, Evangelism


Doug Carver

Executive Director

Brent Bond

Sr. Director of Chaplaincy

Randy Edwards

Chaplain Manager

James Hartz

Chaplaincy Pastoral Care Manager

Carmen Pacheco

Executive Assistant

David Bello

Chaplaincy Training Specialist

Noolie Yoon

Administrative Assistant

Endel Lee

Military Church Planting Catalyst

Bill Gandy

National Collegiate Missionary - Air Force Academy

Paul Walker

National Collegiate Missionary - U.S. Military College

Justin Woods

National Collegiate Missionary - Naval Academy