Staff Directory

President's Office

Janet Weber

Executive Administrative Specialist

Steve Bass

Vice President, Convention Relations West and Associations

Steve Davis

Vice President, Convention Relations East

Jonathan Akin

Director of Young Leader Engagement

Senior Leadership

Carlos Ferrer

Executive Vice President

Doug Carver

Executive Director of Chaplaincy

Tom Wigginton

Senior Executive Director of Shared Services

Joel Southerland

Executive Director of Evangelism

Catherine Renfro

Executive Assistant, Evangelism

George McCallum

General Counsel

Jill Owen

Legal Services Coordinator


Clark Logan

Chief Research Officer

Allison Lewis

Research Specialist

Ryan Messer

Research Consultant

Richie Stanley

Director, Center for Missions Research

Public Relations

Mike Ebert

Executive Director

Angie Fox

Executive Assistant

Brandon Elrod

Public Relations Specialist


Tim Wheat

Executive Director of Operations

Robby Christmas

National Bivocational Church Planting Catalyst

Community Restoration

Dhati Lewis

Executive Director of Community Restoration

Jessica Utterback

Executive Assistant

Liz Olear

Program Coordinator

Sam Dula

National MyBLVD Catalyst

Keynon Akers

Send Atlanta Program Manager

Jackie Taylor

National MyBLVD Wives Specialist