Staff Directory

Send Relief

Norrine Terrey

Executive Assistant

Tim Cotler

Executive Director of Field Operations

Duane Danis

Executive Director of Operations

Trent DeLoach

Send Relief Clarkston, Manager

Rob Allen

Send Relief Ashland, Manager

Disaster Relief

Beth Bootz

Communications Coordinator

Eddie Blackmon

Disaster Response Coordinator

Cathy Miller

Send Relief Grant Writer & Systems Administrator

Susan Peugh

GenSend Coordinator

Judy Cape

Logistics Specialist/Mobile Medical/Dental

Cindy Henderson

Send Relief Operations Administrative Assistant

Steve Turner

Director - Next Generation Mobilization

Ryan West

Send Relief Content Manager

Trey Salter

Ministry Coordinator

Sam Porter

Director, Disaster Relief


Kim Robinson

Vice President of Development

Carolyn Beck

Donor Operations Specialist

Laurette Sirkin

Development Research Specialist

Jason Tipton

Director of Development - Send Relief

John Willoughby

Director of Development - President's Office

Merry Emily Downing

Executive Assistant


Kay Bennett

Send Relief Missionary, New Orleans

Taylor Field

Send Relief Missionary, New York City

Lorna Bius

Send Relief Missionary, Clarkston

David Creswell

Send Relief Missionary, Clarkston