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by Kirk Lowery | Apologetics
Is the Bible “history”? Did the ancient biblical authors write “history” as we moderns understand it? These questions are essential elements of the debate about the trustworthiness and authority of the Bible. In recent years, the usefulness of the Bible for writing the history of the ancient Near...
by Dan DeWitt | Apologetics
I remember my good friend Mark’s quote in our senior yearbook as if it were published yesterday. Though we attended a public school, he didn’t shy away from sharing his beliefs. Under his senior picture he placed this verse; “the grass withers and the flower fades but the Word of our God will...
Tollers and Jack Blog Post
by Doug Powell | Apologetics
A good example of an informed, gracious Christian’s participation in the salvation of another took place on September 19, 1931, at Magdalen College, Oxford. That evening three men were strolling along Addison’s Walk. One man, Jack, was a longtime atheist who had recently embraced theism but had...
by Jeffrey Burton Russell | Apologetics
Christianity is often confusing to the outsider and even to the insider. We often hear different things in different denominations, different churches and different college courses. Where do we go for a straight answer? The evidence. Christianity is a relatively coherent system about which...
by Gabriel Pagel | Apologetics
It is sometimes tempting to mix Christianity with beliefs from other religions. Combining beliefs from different faiths is called syncretism. We see examples of this today in interfaith chapels, people identifying themselves as Christian Buddhists or New Age Christians, and in Bibles that include...
by D. James Kennedy | Apologetics
Some time ago I had the opportunity to speak to a man who had no belief whatsoever in the Scriptures as any sort of divine revelation from God. He was a writer who was articulate and well-educated. While he was well-read, he was completely ignorant of any evidences for the truthfulness of the...
The other day something reminded me of the popular 1993 book, “The Celestine Prophecy” (anyone remember that?). “The Celestine Prophecy” is a fiction book that discusses ideas rooted in New Age spirituality. The book sold 20 million copies and practically spawned its own cult-like religion, with...
by Lee Strobel | Apologetics
That’s probably why I ended up combining the study of law and journalism to become the legal editor of The Chicago Tribune—a career in which I relentlessly pursued hard facts in my investigations. And that’s undoubtedly why I was later attracted to a thorough examination of the evidence—whether...
by Doug Powell | Apologetics
Some believers are suspicious of and opposed to apologetics. They view it as being contrary to faith. They fear that if Christianity can be shown to be reasonable, then there is no place for faith. This anti-intellectual approach to Christianity is rooted in a misunderstanding of the word “faith”...
by Jeffrey Burton Russell | Apologetics
The great psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) called Christianity a “fairy tale.” The phrase derived in the 1700s from the French conte de fées (“ story about fairies”) and has now become shorthand for a story that is both false and silly. We hear remarks such as “I don’t believe in the tooth...