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Islamic frontline spiritual warfare

Claude O' Donovan03.09.19


What are we (the true believing church) to do? Are we to repeat the major error of idly standing by while Roe v. Wade took over the land resulting in over 60 million murders of our unborn? Because of our lack of leadership, nations all over the world have followed suit and millions more have been slaughtered (40 million in 2018 alone).

Now, once again, we are faced with a spiritual dilemma. Islam is rapidly expanding right here in America, right under our noses. If we, once again, stand meekly by and wring our hands, what will be the result? Will we surrender our nation to Satan’s religion or will we stand up and fight, with all our God given spiritual and physical power, to turn this purely evil religion back before it’s too late?

I wrote the following after much prayer, thought, and research. I have reached out to one of the true warriors standing in the gap against Islam, Tom Trento, for advice on this. Tom has, for many years now, been on the front lines fighting this evil and trying to wake up America as to its goals, methods, and successes. He has spent time in places like Dearborn, Michigan; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; and Jerusalem, directly learning about and facing down groups like The Muslim Brotherhood. He has close ties with those inside the Beltway that recognize this religious metastasized cancer that is invading our nation and the world. Tom is founder and National Director of The United West*, which is comprised of over 200 volunteers nationwide in the fight against Islam. We, the church, would do well to listen to this man. Tom was chosen by the Trump administration to be one of the representatives at the recent ceremonies dedicating the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Please prayerfully read the following and ask God to guide you to develop an all-out, massive action plan to confront Islam in America.

Christianity we have a problem! Islam is advancing at warp speed worldwide. Europe is lost to it. Indonesia is completely Muslim while much of Africa and India are dominated by Islam. Russia has topped 7% of its population practicing it and growing. In the USA Islam is the third largest religious group following Christianity and Judaism.

The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 3.5 million in 2016 to become around 5.5% of the overall population of 64 million, according to figures extrapolated from a recent study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe. In real terms, Britain is just the third-largest Muslim population in the European Union, after France, then Germany. Recent discussions with two different national Brits, living in the US now, revealed that, in their opinions, not only Great Britton is lost, but the whole of Europe will soon be under the total control of Islam.

The growth of the European Muslim population can be attributed to strategically forced immigration, high birth rates, and conversions to Islam.

Islam and Islam-related issues, omnipresent in Britain during 2016, can be categorized into five broad themes: 1) Islamic extremism and the security implications of British jihadists in Syria and Iraq; 2) the continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law; 3) the sexual exploitation of British children by Muslim gangs; 4) Muslim integration into British society; and 5) the failures of British multiculturalism. I fear America is rapidly following the same pathway to oblivion.

Estimates are that there are 3.5-4.5 million Arab-Americans and 7.5 million Muslims in the USA, Totaling about 2% of our population, of whom 22% are Arab, and the largest section are African-Americans and Asian. The number of mosques in the United States is currently at 2,106, up 74% from 1,209 mosques in 2000. The states with the most mosques include New York with 257, California with 246, and Texas with 166. New Jersey has the highest population as a percentage.

Dearborn, Michigan, with over 40,000 Muslim followers in its city limits, making it the highest concentration of Muslims in any American city.

We are constantly seeing stories like the following :

“OUTRAGEOUS: New York City Debuts

Muslim Sharia Patrol Squad Cars in Muslim Neighborhoods”

What are we, as Christians, going to do about it? Number one is deep, fervent spiritual war footing prayer by true believers. Number two is to acknowledge that this is spiritual warfare at its highest level. Number three we must organize our spiritual, physical and financial resources and develop a plan of attack in a disciplined military manner.

Where do we start? I suggest that America is Christianity’s last best hope of stemming the tide of Islam. In a war, if the enemy establishes a stronghold positions behind your lines of defense you must divert resources and attack those positions with all you’ve got. Later I list 35 American cities** with Islamic strongholds.

I suggest that the Church pull missionaries from the 10/40 window back home and reassign them to these cities. I’m not suggesting a hand full of missionaries, I mean all out massive action. We must do this in a overwhelming way and convert so many Muslims to Christianity that it becomes unprofitable for Islamic aggressive nations to send Muslims here. Quite possibly we could ignite a revival in the Islamic world. We also must train a massive number of new missionaries in confronting Islam, many of them to come from the new converts.

The USA has to become a no-go zone for Islam.

In the US, politically, Islam has, by-in-large, aligned itself with the Progressive Liberal Democrat Party. Of course the Democrats welcome them. This is a huge mistake. Islam is, in virtually every way, diametrically opposed to Progressive Liberal values and goals. Both groups consider the other useful idiots, but I suggest the Liberals will lose out in the long run. When Islam achieves control, Muslims will force the Liberals to convert or be slaughtered. This is a pattern they have established worldwide and presently control 58 nations and soon Europe.

The 2018 mid-term congressional elections placed two additional outspoken Muslim women, Ilhan Omar won in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District and Rashida Tlaib won in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. Additionally five Arab Americans: Donna Shalala (FL) winning Florida’s 27th district, Ralph Abraham (LA) US Congress 5th District, Darin LaHood (IL) US Congress 18th District, Garret Graves (LA) US Congress 5th District, and Justin Amish (MI) US Congress 6th District. In Indiana, Rep. André Carson (D) won his re-election bid for the 7th District. While these Arab Americans have not proclaimed their Islamic beliefs, I suspect they are at least sympathetic to it.

Following is a Washington Standard report, supplied by Tom Trento and The United West*, on elected Muslim officials in the USA…This is an eye opener:

“The Justice Education Technology Political Advocacy Center (Jetpac) seeks to build a strong American Muslim political infrastructure and increase our community’s influence and engagement.

“We will take our place at the table across all levels of government.

“Our philosophy of change is rooted in a community-based approach, grassroots mobilization, civics training, and technology application. We have developed our own training curriculum, as well as proprietary social media technology and automation tools, to give our Fellows the skills and resources they need to win elections. (emphasis theirs)

“One wonders if some of those tools involve voter fraud, especially after what we witnessed in Minnesota.

“Following is a break down the Muslim wins from federal to the local level, and then we’ll sort them by states:”


Rashida Tlaib (D)

MI 13th Congressional District


Keith Ellison (D)

MN Attorney General


Ilhan Omar (D)

MN 5th Congressional District


Andre Carson (D)

IN 7th Congressional District



Sheikh Rahman (D)

GA State Senate District 5


Safiya Wazir (D)

NH State House Merrimack 17 District


Robert Jackson (D)

NY State Senate District 31


Nasif Majeed (D)

NC State House District 99


Mujtaba Mohammed (D)

NC State Senate District 38


Mohamud Noor (D)

MN State House District 60B


Jason Dawkins (D)

PA State House District 179


Hodan Hassan (D)

MN State House District 62A


Charles Fall (D)

NY State House District 61


Ako Abdul-Samad (D)

IA State House District 35


Aboul Khan (R)

NH State House Rockingham 20 District


Abdullah Hammoud (D)

MI State House District 15


Abbas Akhil (D)

NM State House District 20



Sam Baydoun (D)

MI Wayne County Commission District 13


Sadia Gul Covert (D)

IL Dupage County Board District 5


Sabina Taj

MD Howard County Board of Education


Mohammad Ramadan

NJ Passaic County Board of Education


Cheryl Sudduth

CA West County Wastewater District Director


Babur Lateef

VA Prince William County School Board


Assad Akhter (D)

NJ Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders


Abdul “Al” Haidous (D)

MI Wayne County Commission District 11



Salman Bhojani

TX Euless City Council Place 6


Dawn Haynes

NJ Newark Public Schools School Board


Yasir Khogali

MI City of Plymouth District Library Board


Mohamed Khairullah

NJ Prospect Park Mayor


Mohamed Al-Hamdani

OH Dayton Public Schools Board of Education


Mo Seifeldein

VA Alexandria City Council


Maimona Afzal Berta

CA Franklin-McKinley School Board


Jihan Aiyash

MI Hamtramck Public School Board


Javed Ellahie

CA Monte Sereno City Council


Hazim Yassin

NJ Red Bank City Council


Haseeb Javed

VA Manassas Park City Council


Farrah Khan

CA Irvine City Council


Ali Taj

CA Artesia City Council


Alaa Matari

NJ Prospect Park Borough Council


Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz

NJ Paterson City Council Ward 6


Aisha Wahab

CA Hayward City Council


Ahmad Zahra

CA Fullerton City Council District 5


Salim Patel

NJ Passaic City Council


Sabina Zafar

CA San Ramon City Council


Shahabuddeen Ally

NYC Civil Court, NY County


Sam Salamey

MI District Courts, District 19


Rabeea Collier

TX District Courts, 113th District


Halim Dhanidina

CA Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three


George Abdallah Jr.

CA Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12


Adel A. Harb

MI Wayne County Circuit Court


Break down by state,


Cheryl Sudduth – West County Wastewater District Director

George Abdallah Jr. – Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12

Halim Dhanidina – Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three

Maimona Afzal Berta – Franklin-McKinley Board of Education

Javed Ellahie – Monte Sereno City Council

Al Jabbar – Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees

Ahmad Zahra – Fullerton City Council District 5

Aisha Wahab – Hayward City Council

Ali Taj – Artesia City Council

Farrah Khan – Irvine City Council

Sabina Zafar – San Ramon City Council


Amira Dajani Fox (R) – State Attorney


Sheikh Rahman (D) – State Senate District 5


Sadia Gul Covert (D) – Dupage County Board District 5


Andre Carson (D) – 7th Congressional District


Ako Abdul-Samad (D) – State House District 35


Sabina Taj – Howard County Board of Education


Rashida Tlaib (D) – 13th Congressional District

Abdullah Hammoud (D) – State House District 15

Abdul “Al” Haidous (D) – Wayne County Commission District 11

Sam Baydoun (D) – Wayne County Commission District 13

Adel A. Harb – Wayne County Circuit Court

Sam Salamey – District Courts, District 19


Ilhan Omar (D) – 5th Congressional District

Keith Ellison (D) – Attorney General

Hodan Hassan (D) – State House District 62A

Mohamud Noor (D) – State House District 60B

Siad Ali (D) – District 3 member of the Minneapolis Board of Education

New Hampshire

Aboul Khan (R) – State House Rockingham 20 District

Safiya Wazir (D) – State House Merrimack 17 District

New Jersey

Assad Akhter (D) – Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz – Paterson City Council Ward 6

Mohammad Ramadan – Passaic County Board of Education

Alaa Matari – Prospect Park Borough Council

Dawn Haynes – Newark Public Schools School Board

Hazim Yassin – Red Bank City Council

Mohamed Khairullah – Prospect Park Mayor

Salim Patel – Passaic City Council

Abbas Akhil (D) – State House District 20

New York

Charles Fall (D) – State House District 61

Robert Jackson (D) – State Senate District 3

Shahabuddeen Ally – NYC Civil Court, NY County

North Carolina

Mujtaba Mohammed (D) – State Senate District 38

Nasif Majeed (D) – State House District 99


Mohamed Al-Hamdani – Dayton Public Schools Board of Education


Jason Dawkins (D) – State House District 179


Rabeea Collier – District Courts, 113th District

Salman Bhojani – Euless City Council Place 6


Babur Lateef – Prince William County School Board

Haseeb Javed – Manassas Park City Council

Mo Seifeldein – Alexandria City Council

The judiciary wins are extremely significant considering how many judges no longer seem to be concerned about the Constitution and look to foreign law and precedent all too frequently in their rulings. Truthfully, our original Constitution has been so compromised by precedents that we are now ruled by a book listing them that is nearly 3,000 pages long. Interestingly most of the presidents are justified under the “Commerce Clause” in the Constitution.

However, numbers from a report by Hamas-CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in coordination with JETPAC indicates that a very high percentage of Muslims voted in 2018.

The report claims:

95% of Muslim voters participated in this year’s midterm election.
• 78% of Muslim voters primarily voted for the Democratic Party candidates and 17% for Republican Party candidates.
• 46% of Muslim voters consider themselves liberal on social issues, while 35% consider themselves conservative.
• 43% of Muslim voters consider themselves fiscally conservative, while 40% consider themselves liberal.
• 26% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic candidates perceived themselves as being conservative on social issues. Moreover, 36% perceived themselves as being fiscally conservative.
• 68% of Muslim voters thought Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. increased while 17% thought it decreased in the past year.
• 78% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year. Conversely, only 33% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Republican Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year.
• 53% of Muslim voters became more interested in politics since the 2016 presidential election, while 34% maintained the same level of interest in politics and 13% became less interested in politics.
• 55% of Muslim voters have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since the 2016 presidential election, while 45% have not.
• Out of those Muslim voters who have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since 2016 presidential election:
• 20% have primarily donated money to a political or social campaign.
• 25% have primarily donated their time by volunteering with a local charity or civic-minded or religious organization.
• 18% have primarily donated their expertise by using their skills and/or network to advance social/political engagement.
• 37% have primarily been involved in another way.

Source: Washington Standard

As you can see they have an massive agenda to conform America to Islam, Please prayerfully research this on your own

Claude O’Donovan

803 624-6050


Tom Trento

561 319-5533


*The United West is dedicated to defending and advancing Western Civilization against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of Shariah Islam so that America remains a land of freedom, justice, and opportunity grounded in the principles of our Constitutional Republic. The United West has taken up this challenge because the ever increasing forces of darkness, whether political, social, or philosophical seek to destroy, subvert or subjugate all that Americans hold to be right and true. The United West will succeed in this mission by educating, training and activating Americans to stand on proven principles, guide public opinion and amend public policy so that leadership is selected which affirm the canons of jurisprudence.

Specifically, TUW educates and activates freedom minded people, wherever they may live, to effectively develop strategies and tactics which propagate exceptionalism of Western Civilization over and against the totalitarian choke-hold of Shariah Islam. Immediately, our objectives include the mobilization of Americans and Europeans to stand firmly for the defense and protection of the State of Israel.

THE UNITED WEST combines top-shelf academics with a military-grade activism to distinguish itself from every counter-jihad organization. There is no other nongovernmental organization like it, in the world.

Additionally this is a link to a 2019 article exposing much of what I have been talking about:

Islam’s Conquest of America…One Town at a Time

This is a link to a video of Sharifa Alkhateeb about using public schools to convert America to Islam at a recent Islamic conference in Washington, DC:


**35 cities with strong organized Islamic groups: