New Age Glossary


by Michael A. Cox

Please note that these terms are presented for educational purposes to reveal vocabulary commonly used by the New Age community and do not reflect the policies or beliefs of the North American Mission Board or the Southern Baptist Convention.


New Age Term

Interpretation of Term

ADC After-death communication is the spiritual experience of being contacted by a deceased family member.
Akashic records These are god's recorded memory of every event in an individual's life. They include the complete records of every person's incarnations.
Alpha state This is the state of brain activity characterized by waves ranging from 8 to 13 cycles per second. Resembling a light trance, it is the condition one experiences during meditation, daydreaming, just prior to sleep (hypnagogic), and just after waking (hypnopompic).
Anima The feminine side of a man.


The belief that all things—animal, vegetable, mineral, and human—have spirits.


The masculine side of a woman.


The jackal-headed god of the ancient Egyptians.


When an object materializes—without the aid of any physical agency—during contact with a spirit.


These usually refer to archangels.


When an object disappears from a room and is sent to another destination by a spirit.

Astral body

Known also as the ethereal body—it is an invisible duplicate of the physical body, and the core of feeling and desire.

Astral plane

Known also as the spirit world, other side, and afterlife—the astral plane is where most souls exist after death, having not yet evolved enough to live in the causal plane.
Astral screen This screen is used in projecting visions.

Auditory ADC

An after-death communication in which the deceased is heard speaking.


Known also as odic force—an aura is the glistening or glowing emanation that outlines the human body and can only be seen by sensitives.

Automatic art

This art consists of pictures and paintings created by a spirit through a medium.

Automatic writing

This is when a spirit communicates by directing a person's writing. It is characterized by handwriting unlike that of the channel and a message that is unknown to the writer until complete.


One who engages in automatic writing is known as an automatist.

Beta state

This is a state of brain activity characterized by 14 to 27 cycles per second—wherein the person is wide-awake and fully conscious.


This is the ability to appear in several places at once for the purpose of assisting others.

Billet reading

This is the reading of sealed written materials, which is akin to psychometry. Billet is the French word for letter.


This is the name of the creator deity in the Hindu religious tradition, and one of the three main deities.


The practice of observing paranormal activity by gazing into smoke.

Causal plane

A dimension of existence after earthly life, which is achieved when one harmonizes his or her energies and evolves into a higher state of being.


These are the seven centers of energy located on the human body, between the base of the spine and the top of the head.


A channel is the object or person through which a spirit communicates information.


When a host (channel) serves as a vocal conduit for a so-called intelligent being or spirit that temporarily inhabits the channel.


The ability to hear and receive messages from deceased beings.


The ability to feel the pain and emotions of another, even the deceased.


Derived from two French words—clair (clear) and voir (to see)—it is the ability to see the spirit world and its residents. Medical clairvoyance, allows a person to view the human body and diagnose diseases, while X-ray clairvoyance allows one to see into closed areas.


This is when a person or object is released from the earth's gravitational pull.


When a crystal ball seemingly fills with smoke, it is known as clouding.

Collective vision

This occurs when more than one person simultaneously sees an apparition.

Communicating guide

This advanced, highly evolved entity, guides and communicates information to people in a variety of ways.

Cosmic consciousness

Cosmic consciousness is the state of consciousness during meditation that is free from all stress and sin, and fills the person with deep joy.

Creative visualization

This is achieved by picturing a goal and imagining its fulfillment.

Crown center

Located at the top of the head, this is the seventh chakra and the focal point for channeled information from a guide.


When a person passes from the three-dimensional earthly plane, that one goes on to exist in a variety of dimensions and worlds.

Delta state

This is a state of brain activity that is present when one is asleep or under hypnosis. Zero to 4 cycles per second characterizes it.


This is a Sanskrit word for heaven.

Dream incubation

Incubation is a process by which a person chooses what to dream about. Often the individual is trying to garner information from a deity or spirit and does so by sleeping in a location that has spiritual or supernatural significance.


The doorkeeper is the guide that works most intimately with the channel or medium.


The earth is considered a negative plane of existence.

Earthbound spirit

A spirit which remains close to the earth due to gravity.


Ectoplasm is the barely visible substance that composes and secretes from spirits.


This entity is highly evolved and extremely wise.

Energy junkie

Energy junkies are people addicted to situations in which paranormal activity is most intense and expansive.


Also known as extrasensory perception, ESP is the awareness of supernatural occurrences independent of the usual sensory processes.

Ethereal body

Known also as the astral body-it is an invisible duplicate of the physical body.


Known as electronic voice phenomena, it is when spirits' voices are recorded.

Facilitated apparition

This is a visual encounter with a spirit which is made possible by using such things as mirrors, cauldrons, and lakes.


A filter is a lesser guide that brings information to a channel from a superior spirit.

Free-form gazing

These are visions achieved with no facilitating objects.


This is the process of staring at an object for the purpose of having a vision.

Genetic recall

Genes containing the records of past life experiences-not one's own lives, but those of direct-line ancestors.


Also known as poltergeists, ghosts are disembodied spirits.


In the New Age community, god is referred to as the spirit, higher power, light, universe, higher self, force, source, cosmic intelligence, and inner guidance.

God consciousness

Known also as refined cosmic consciousness—it is the state in which a person, through meditation, can comprehend the infinity of creation. A step above cosmic consciousness, it is the state of awareness that angels continuously maintain.


Greeters are spirits that guide the newly deceased and help them make the transition to the afterlife.


Known also as nirvana, devachan, paradise, astral plane, and other side - it is the eternal home where life is unrestricted by space or time.


This is an experience or encounter with a sacred power.


This is the process of staring into water for the purpose of having a vision.


Hyperawake means excessive wakefulness, or being awake to the point of experiencing a heightened awareness.

Hypnagogic state

Identified as the drowsy state immediately preceding sleep, the hypnagogic state supposedly generates contact with the unconscious and hallucinations.

Identity band

This is the collective higher consciousness that many entities share.

Infused knowledge

Information that comes directly through a spirit or guide is known as infused knowledge.

Inspirational writing

Inspirational writing is that which supposedly originates from a supernatural source. The writer is given a message by a spirit or guide and communicates that message through the written word.


Known also as the law of cause and effect or the law of retribution-karma is the principle that every action, good or evil, will eventually return to impact a person's life.


These troublesome spirits control people's destinies.

Kindred souls

These are souls with a very deep love for each other.


This is the use of a lamp or candles for the purpose of inducing a vision.


This is when an object rises into the air and floats with no physical assistance.


A mantra is a secret Sanskrit word, given to a person at the time of his or her initiation, that helps that one achieve transcendental meditation when chanted repetitively.


Spirits are said to materialize when their faces or bodies temporarily come into view.


The Sanskrit word for illusion—maya is used to describe physical life.


Mediums (or trance mediums) connect the physical world with the spiritual realm. They are gifted with the ability to receive messages from the deceased.


Known also as animal magnetism or hypnotism—it is the practice of lulling people into a sleep-like trance for the purpose of behavior modification.

Middle realm

A dimension of awareness after death.


The belief that all things are interconnected and made of the same substance.


This is where ancient Greeks would go to seek inspiration from the Muses.


An NDE is a near-death experience.


Known also as the psychomanteum-this is the juncture between the earthly and the spiritual realm where crossover can be achieved.


The out-of-body experience is a departure of the spirit from the physical body for the purpose of visiting other dimensions, spiritual realms, and stars.

Odic force

Known also as an aura—an odic force is the glistening or glowing emanation that outlines the human body and can only be seen by sensitives.

Olfactory ADC

This is an after-death communication in which a fragrance associated with the deceased person is experienced by a loved one.


The practice of divination through dreams.


Pareidolia is the perception of seeing a distinct image in a collection of formless matter. An example would be seeing faces or shapes in a cloud.

Passing over

Known also as relocating—this expression refers to physical death.

Place-bound apparition

Apparitions are confined to specific locations as a result of circumstances such as sudden death, murder, and any other violent demise.


This small triangular board is a sliding pointer that is used with Ouija boards or homemade talking boards. Planchettes can include slots for pencils to facilitate automatic writing.


These noisy and mischievous spirits are unpredictable, uncontrollable, and cannot respond intelligently to questions.


This is when a discarnate spirit enters and takes control of an individual for the purpose of self-gratification.

Power spots

Doorways between the earth and other dimensions.


An extension of clairvoyance, precognition is the ability to see future events.


This is the ability to move objects through mental or psychic control.

Psychokinetic theory

This theory suggests that spirit voices are a product of the experimenter's subconscious and not from a supernatural source.


Known also as the necromanteion—this is the juncture between the earthly and the spiritual realm where crossover can be achieved.


Psychometry is the ability to hold an object and sense its history from its vibrations.


A priest skilled in contacting the dead.


The Sanskrit chant sung during the transcendental meditation initiation ceremony.


A Greek term for a cylindrical, lidded jar or box used to hold toiletries or spirits.


Known also as passing over-this expression refers to physical death.

Remote viewing

This is the ability to see things happening from far away.

Residual haunting

Also known as energy implants-this is when earthbound spirits linger because they do not know they are deceased or have unfinished business.


An extension of clairvoyance, retrocognition is the ability to see past events.


Known also as a shaman or witch doctor—a sangoma is a priest of Southern African origin.


A Sanskrit word, Sat-Yuga is a Hindu prophecy about the coming of the age of truth or golden age. It is characterized by a time of righteousness and peace.


Scrying is divination through such means as a mirror or crystal ball.
Sentient ADC An after-death communication which is sensed telepathically.


Sanskrit for energy—Shakti is the female consort of the Hindu deity Shiva.


Known also as a medicine-priest or witch doctor - the shaman uses magic to accomplish his various duties.


This is the name of the destroyer deity in the Hindu religious tradition, and one of the three main deities.

Silver cord

The silver cord is an imaginary magnetic link connecting one's spirit to his or her physical home.


Individuals who seek out the services of channelers, psychics, and other paranormal practitioners.

Soul mate

A person's soul mate is that individual who complements the other in the eternal marriage bond.


These are traveling diviners who use mirrors for scrying.


Any object used for producing a vision is a speculum.

Spirit guide

Known also as spirit associates.  These spirits act as bodyguards, protectors, and connectors. They have not achieved the level of master.

Spirit helpers

These entities assist spirits in recruiting communicants.


Known also as spiritism in France and South America-spiritualism refers to communication with spirits through a medium and is a recognized religious movement.


This term signifies an attempt to find the god within and without and battle negativity.

Spontaneous vision

A spontaneous vision occurs unexpectedly, without the use of any facilitating objects or powers.

States of consciousness

The states of consciousness are waking, sleeping, dreaming, transcending, cosmic consciousness, god consciousness, unity consciousness, and Brahma consciousness.


Summerland is the next, more advanced level of existence.

Tactile ADC

An after-death communication involving physical touch.


The movement of objects by an unseen, unknown force.


Literally signifying distance feeling, telepathy refers to mind reading, or mental communication.

Theta state

This is the state of brain activity characterized by waves ranging from 4 to 8 cycles per second. In the theta state, a person is experiencing light sleep or deep meditation and is generally unaware of what is occurring in his or her surroundings.

Third eye

Located between the eyebrows, the third eye is considered to be the sixth chakra and the center of psychic activity.


This is an expanded state of consciousness characterized by deep absorption.


The medium is transfigured when he or she assumes the characteristics of the spirit being channeled.


This is the Sioux word for grandfather, and the term used for interpreters or mediums.


A sacred word from the Abanheenga language—describes a religion that combines spiritism and voodoo.

Unintentional dream incubation

This is a dream received by a person sleeping in a holy place, but who made no effort to contact any supernatural entity.

Unity consciousness

The next to the highest level of consciousness in transcendental meditation, whereby the individual is completely enlightened and understands his or her essential unity with all living things.


This is the name of the preserver deity in the Hindu religious tradition, and one of the three main deities.

White sounds

White sounds are the static or distortions caught on tape when attempting to record the voice of a spirit.

Yang Mandarin for sun

The yang is the active, positive, masculine force that joins with the yin to comprise everything in the universe. Yin Mandarin for moon—the yin is the receptive, passive, negative, feminine force that joins with the yang to comprise everything in the universe. Yogi—One who has achieved union with God.