What About the Gnostic Gospels?

Lee Strobel, host of Faith Under Fire, hosted a debate between Michael Licona and Elaine Pagels on the validity of the Gospel of Thomas. 

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 Segment Title DialUp Broadband
 01 What's All the Fuss about the Gospel of Thomas? (Strobel) 30K 300K
 02 What is the Gospel of Thomas? (Pagels) 30K 300K
 03 When was the Gospel of Thomas Written? (Pagels) 30K 300K
 04 A Different Perspective on the Authority and Dating of Thomas (Licona) 30K 300K 
 05 What is the Gospel of Thomas and its Role? (Licona, Pagels)  30K 300K 
 06 Does the Gospel of Thomas Contradict the New Testament Gospels? (Licona)  30K 300K 
 07 Does the Gospel of Thomas Contradict the New Testament Gospels? (continued) (Pagels, Licona) 30K 300K 
 08 Does the Gospel of Thomas Intepret Salvation Differently? (Pagels) 30K 300K
 09 Should We Prefer the New Testament Gospels Over the Gospel of Thomas? (Licona) 30K 300K 
 10 More on the Dating and Role of the Gospel of Thomas (Licona, Pagels) 30K 300K
 11 More on How the Gospel of Thomas Contradicts the NT Gospels (Licona) 30K 300K
 12 A Different Perspective on the Contradictions between Thomas and the NT Gospels (Pagels) 30K 300K 
 13 Should Christians Read the Gospel of Thomas? (Licona) 30K 300K
 14 Should the Gospel of Thomas be in the New Testament? (Licona, Pagels) 30K 300K