Urban Church Planting Training


BLVD is an eight-month training track that is positioned closest to the harvest. Cultivating church planting movements across North America necessitates a strategy that trains planters who instinctively understand and effectively communicate within their context.

To make this happen, we equip the indigenous leader with tools to become a healthy practitioner, and we equip the practitioner with tools to practice indigenously. The BLVD track is highly discipleship-based and is inclined toward planters ministering within the density, diversity, beauty and complexity of life in the city.

Candidates in this track may or may not have formal theological training, but they have a clear sense of calling, a heart for the city and a conviction for a holistically redemptive gospel ministry for one of North America’s great cities.

BLVD's Training Vision

“We help urban practitioners establish a strong disciple-making culture in their local church.”

–Dhati Lewis, NAMB’s director of BLVD


BLVD offers an eight-session training experience on church planting within an urban context that equips planters to better mobilize their people to create a discipleship culture within their city. The five aims of the cohort are:

  • Gospel-Centered: We believe that Jesus is God’s ideal man and man’s ideal God. Therefore, the curriculum aims for planters to develop a deeper devotion for the Person and work of Christ through His word.
  • Local-church based: We believe God’s primary tool for restoring His purpose on earth is the local body of believers. Therefore, everything is grounded in a corporate identity and who we are in Christ.
  • Discipleship-driven: We believe the Great Commission has been reduced to the mild suggestion. Therefore, we seek to recapture the art of creating a disciple-making culture in the local church.
  • Urban-focused: The cohort aims to help the planter navigate through the beauty and complexity, the density and diversity that city life brings.
  • Practitioner-oriented: Ultimately, we aim to help the urban practitioner move from an ethnic missiology to a neighbor missiology.

The BLVD training experience seeks to help practitioners in the city raise up indigenous leaders that will make gospel-centered disciples through the local church. We also provide other free resources to assist urban church planters.