BLVD Training

BLVD Training

BLVD equips future church planters with resources, strategies and systems to plant in an urban setting. The BLVD cohort format includes the following components:


The cohort will flesh out eight significant movements of developing a disciple-making culture utilizing Among Wolves by Dhati Lewis as a key resource.

Monthly Online Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to expose the planting couple to best principles and practices, as well as other practitioners across North America.

Coaching Philosophy

We introduce the planting couple to BLVD’s 4 Ds Developmental Action Plan. It is a simple sustainable way to help you work through a problem and clarify immediate next steps.

Wives Track

Four of the eight times the planters gather, the wives are also present to participate in the curriculum and develop encouraging friendships. Wives also participate in a contextualized monthly online meeting.

Reading & Writing

In each cohort the planters are asked to read selected chapters from a variety of books. Throughout the cohort the planters are also asked to develop a Disciple-Making Portfolio. This portfolio is designed to help them develop and defend a disciple-making strategy for their local church. 

Ministry Partner Development

We will come alongside the planter to help them develop ministry partners within an urban context. We will explore ways to develop economic engines within their context.

Cohort Roadmap:

Movement 1: Developing Vision from Burden

BLVD will explore the four key stories of developing a sustainable and effective church planting vision: God’s Story, Your Story, Our Story and The City’s Story.

Movement 2: Establishing Family

BLVD will help the planting couples to begin articulating a corporate family identity through the understanding that the church is not like family; it is family.

Movement 3: Entering God’s Mission

This session explores the planting couples' qualifications and points out the importance for biblical eldership within the church.

Movement 4: Framing Disciple-Making

During this session, planters will establish a system for creating community-based discipleship by providing pillars and platforms of effective disciple-making in the urban context.

Movement 5: Calling to Disciple-Making

During this month there is a distinct shift where the planting couples learn about empowering and training the core team to help share the load of laboring for the harvest.

Movement 6: Training from Disciple-Making

Church planters learn how to minister and engage their external communities with the end goal of discipling church members.

Movement 7: Mobilizing Corporately for Disciple-Making

BLVD will assist church planters to construct a system for engagement through missional communities and membership models that point toward disciple making.

Movement 8: Unleashing Disciple-Makers

Throughout the final session, planting couples will examine the daily rhythms of the corporate family to recapture the idea of making disciples “as you go.”

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