Mobilize My Church

Mobilize My Church

There is a kingdom-movement taking place in North America. Churches of all sizes, and from all backgrounds, are sending and supporting the efforts of church planting in the places of greatest need. The Send Network is designed to help.

Sending Churches and Supporting Churches are vital to a church plant’s success. It is vital that church plants have a Sending Church to walk closely with them through the challenges of planting, and every planting team needs Supporting Churches to help by praying, participating and providing.

Your church can plant churches. We can help. Explore your next step in church planting below. 

• Choose a city, state or province.
• Commit to pray for the planters in that location.
• Pray regularly for your planters.
• Lead others to join you in praying.


• Choose a specific planter to partner with.
• Send notes of encouragement.
• Bless your planter's family with gift cards.
• Show a video of your planter in a worship service.


• Talk with your planter about his vision and needs.
• Send people and/or resources to provide for your planter and his family.
• Invest in planter development and support through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®.


• Attend a Sending Church Lab and learn what it takes to become the primary partner of a plant.
• Adopt a planter, or work to mobilize from within your church.
• Provide accountability, coaching and care for your planter.

Ready to take your next step?

"The beautiful thing about being a part of a family is that you are not alone. Another beautiful thing about being a part of a family is that it doesn't matter how small or how large you are, you can still be a part of a whole that is doing something much larger than yourself."

- Kevin Ezell, President of the North American Mission Board

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