Church Planter Coaching

Church planting takes wisdom, strategy and support to navigate the complex challenges of establishing a ministry. A coach is the planter’s “son of encouragement” to walk beside him during the wins and challenges of church planting.

Great coaches help church planters turn truth into action. Mentors, teachers, trainers, family and friends have influential voices in the church planting process, and the church planter hears them all. In the first two years of a church plant, a coach helps a church planter pursue his kingdom assignment, providing an “asking” voice in the sea of “telling” voices.

Church Planter Coaching
My coach helps me feel understood and encouraged as a planter. Every time I connect with him, I feel understood, validated and valued. He provides a place of refuge for sharing ministry challenges without feeling analyzed or assessed. My coach helps me acknowledge and celebrate my “wins” in ministry. What at first felt like another obligation quickly became a valued friendship.
- Brennan Coughlin, Fellowship Capital City, Trenton, New Jersey
My coach helped me by offering wisdom and encouragement to stay the course and trust The Lord. Church planting is difficult, and it is comforting to be paired with someone who has not only been where you are, but they have succeeded in establishing the foundation of a new church. My coach is a very capable, encouraging, spirit-filled guide.
- Zach Randles, Waterfront Church, Washington, DC
My coach is for me and is a real blessing. First, it is not often we have time when someone takes care of us. I love the connection with him. I feel appreciated and loved by him; he is human. Second, I have a coach who is humble with great experience in ministry. He asks really good questions to help me explore important parts of my life. The coaching process is necessary for every planter who wants to stay on track.
- Benoit Marcoux, Come Jesus Church, Mont-Saint-Hillarie, Quebec