Evangelism with Johnny Hunt

#17 – Who’s Your One Tour


How can we inspire an entire nation of Southern Baptists to intentionally pray for and share the gospel with one person? Johnny Hunt answers this question with the Who’s Your One Tour—an inspiring catalytic event in a city near you! In this episode, Hunt dives deeper into the vision behind the “Who’s Your One?” Tour, the components that make it up and the goal of addressing declining baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention and impacting more people with the good news we love. As we seek to plant churches everywhere for everyone, we want everyone everywhere to be a part of evangelism. 


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Speaker 1: You’re listening to Evangelism with Johnny Hunt, a podcast from the North American Mission Board that equips you and your church to share the gospel. Now here are your hosts.

Kevin Ezell:  Well, thanks for listening. This is Kevin Ezell along with my good friend, and everyone’s good friend, Johnny Hunt. Brother Johnny, we are so grateful to have you as the new Vice President of the North American Mission Board and longtime pastor of Woodstock First Baptist Church. I’m just so thankful for your leadership and especially leading us as a convention in the “Who’s Your One?” campaign. It is such a blessing to have you here.

Johnny Hunt: Well, I am absolutely delighted to be here, and that’s probably the question that’s asked across the country. Am I glad I made this transition? It is a God thing, and this “Who’s Your One?” campaign is over the top. Whether you measure it from social media, the phone calls we’re receiving or the churches that are asking us how they can be more involved, the invites that we’re getting has just been overwhelming. I mean, it really has. We anticipated it was going to be good and glorious, but it has passed my personal expectations.

Kevin Ezell: One of the things we’re really excited about is we are going to have a Send Conference in July of 2020 and have really called an audible because of the limitations. Where we were going to have it only sat 18,000, and we could only influence a small amount of people. And we really need, as you know, if we are going to really start a movement we need to connect with hundreds of thousands of people. And the only way to do that was to put you on the road. So we’re going to have a Send Conference, but it’s going to be more of a Send tour.

Johnny Hunt:  Well, and I’m excited about that. When you make a statement like we have in house here at North American Mission Board about we can bring 18,000 people to us or we can go to tens and tens and tens of thousands. And I believe that’s the right thing to do is to go where they are, and so we’re excited about doing that. So with that in mind, our “Who’s Your One?” conference is going to be phenomenal, and what we plan to do is go to major cities throughout the United States. We will go in on a Sunday night and Monday and we will be casting vision for how we can make a significant difference—and I believe an immediate difference—in seeing us turn around our declining baptisms and begin to impact more people with the gospel that we all love.

Kevin Ezell:  And people have already asked, “How did you make that decision?” I said, “Well, that’s real simple. I just called Miss Janet, got her approval and put him on the road.”

Johnny Hunt: She’s a prophet, and she can cut to the chase and flat tell you yes or no.

Kevin Ezell: Yeah. Well, I know who to call to try to put the lean on you. But the two parts of the tour, as you said, the inspiration part on Sunday night and then the instruction part on Monday. But what we really wanted pastors to see it’s not just for them. We would love to see pastors bring their people and as many people with them as possible to the instruction part on that Monday morning.

Johnny Hunt:  Yeah, let’s just put it in the context of where it really is going to start. Lord willing, August the 11th in Fayetteville, North Carolina, which, gosh, I was born in Lumberton. I was born 30 minutes from there and raised an hour from there in Wilmington, North Carolina. We’ll be at Temple Baptist Church. They seat a thousand. I personally believe with all of my heart, since we’re going to work diligently within a hundred mile radius of that church with our associations, our state convention, and our pastors, we’re asking the pastors to come, please bring their staff and spouses and then choose your key lay people and cast a broad vision. Invite anyone in the church that would like to become more proficient in making Jesus known.

Johnny Hunt:  A lot of people are burdened over their one, but they have no idea as to how to have that conversation with them. So you’re right, on Sunday night we’ll have major music teams that people will be aware of that are nationally known. And then I will bring a 35, 40 minute message I really believe the best God has put in my heart about defining “Who’s Your One?”. How we reach family members, how we reach friends and how biblical that is. And then we’ll turn around on Monday morning and have some of the best speakers in the nation to not only tell us how they’re doing it in their church, but how they’re doing it in their life. And then even outlining and putting resources in the hands of those that are there as to how they can make a difference and impact where they are. We actually believe we will need our AV team to set up a simulcast, possibility, throughout the campus to accommodate the large numbers that will come. We believe it is our time in the sun with the Southern Baptist Convention in making much of evangelism.

Kevin Ezell: Absolutely. If we’re going to start a true movement, the best way to do that is to go to the people. We have over 16 million Southern Baptists and over 46,000 churches, and to get that many people in one place, it’s just next to impossible. And over 50% of our pastors in most of our south states, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, our bi-vocational and this opens it up. We are about planting churches everywhere for everyone. We want everyone everywhere to be a part of evangelism and this is the best way, taking it to them and giving everyone an opportunity. And Lord willing, we’re going to try to be in at least every region in every south state, and hopefully every state in North America eventually. There’s just so many weeks in a year. But we could not be more excited about taking it to the people.

Johnny Hunt:  Yeah. One of the things I’m really thrilled about, you’re exactly right, we’re starting in really a smaller region, my own home state, but in Fayetteville, now we’ll move probably to the Raleigh and Charlotte areas and even western part of the state eventually. But basically we have already made commitments to 20 different locations beginning August 11th, and literally we’ll be done by the end of November in those places. Then we turn right around in January, and we’ve made a commitment to 20 different locations total. So another 12 regions will come online. And then we’re even looking at fall 2020 into spring 2021 to take us to 27 more regions. We would like to believe God would open the door and allow us to minister in every area that we have representation in our state conventions, which are 42 different locations.

Kevin Ezell:  Exactly. And what we do not want people to do is put a date on this. We want to start a movement, not something that’s going to be an emphasis for a 2020 or just for a 2021, but in order to really have the SBC focused on evangelism, this is something we cannot ever stop emphasizing.

Johnny Hunt: You know, JD Greer has made a commitment, and he and I were having a conversation, and we basically said we’ll definitely make a commitment to God and to each other that this will be a priority for all of 2020 and 2021—so for the next two years. But then, by then if God does indeed make it a movement, and we believe that it’s already becoming that, we will see this become part of our DNA. It’ll be no longer something you always have to talk about, it will be something that we’re talking about, we’ve embraced, we’ve owned as Southern Baptists and we will make a significant difference. And not only will it make a difference in our denomination, but God has allowed Southern Baptists to be pacesetters. We will begin to influence other denominations as we already are in making evangelism, again, a front burner issue.

Kevin Ezell: Exactly. Well, we could not be more excited about this tour and for what God is going to continue to do across North America as churches engage in “Who’s Your One?”. To find out more information about “Who’s Your One?” tour, visit send2020.com. You can also find the tour dates and locations at whosyourone.com. Thanks so much for listening and we’ll talk to you next time.