God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS)


Vision - Equipping every believer to share as a trained witness

Are you ready to engage personally in sharing your faith "as you go" about your daily business? Are you prepared to engage in witness training? Sometimes the training is new, sometimes it reminds us of what we already know and it provides accountability. Are you prepared to engage lost people to help them become lifelong followers of Jesus and make disciples of others? Christ-followers must take personal responsibility for sharing Christ in their Jerusalem—across the street, around the block, to their friends, coworkers, and family—if they are to fulfill the Great Commission. Others will be called to leave their comfort zones and cross significant geographical or cultural barriers to share Christ as missionaries.


1. Create an environment for passion-driven evangelism

  • Communicate to your congregation a biblical view of lostness and salvation and model a passion for evangelism. Share fresh evangelism stories and testimonies either live or through video clips, power point, etc.
  •  Preach/teach the biblical concept of servanthood.
  • Form a planning committee from participating church members. The committee will be responsible for forming subcommittees and enlisting leaders for the necessary roles. These committees should consist of representatives from each participating church.
  • Conduct a community needs survey.

2. Provide training for a variety of personal evangelism approaches

  • Place the event on the church calendar.
  • Select an evangelism training resource that fits your context and your target audience
  • Plan a time for equipping and intentional evangelism encounters
  • Organize a report time to encourage all who participate
  • Report these evangelism encounters through personal testimonies during a Sunday morning worship time

3. Involve your people in opportunities to share the gospel

  • Plan servant evangelism projects to meet the needs of your community and use these projects as a way to evangelize.
  • Choose a project or projects.
  • Connect with the gatekeepers of your city.
  • Work in harmony with local groups and your network of churches.Rely on them as valued, respected colleagues.
  • Encourage the churches to become externally focused.
  • Organize home-based Bible studies to engage lost people in your community
  • Plan times of intentional community evangelism in either a Day of Service or Seasons of Service 
  • Make your passions evangelistic.

    4. Offer a variety of venues for evangelism to take place