God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS)


Vision - Every church harvesting and celebrating every salvation response

When we personally engage in the evangelism process and see our churches engaged, we will see a harvest in North America. We will need to give effective invitations to follow Christ through personal conversations where lost people are gathered. We must increase the opportunities for people to respond to the gospel. What would happen if churches across North America walked expectantly in a community, a city, a continent that has been prayed for and sown down with the gospel?

Can you imagine a field being harvested and left to rot in a barn? Harvest time is when the crop transforms into nutritious meals and becomes seed for the next planting. Likewise, our churches must be prepared to receive new believers, raise them up, and send them out. In many situations, a new church should be started around new groups of believers. Imagine churches consistently baptizing more people, making disciple-makers,seeing a spiritual awakening, and God unleashing a church planting movement across North America.


1. Conduct intentionally evangelistic events through your church and always give an invitation. Consider planning and conducting one of the following evangelistic events

  • Day of Service
  • Area Crusade
  • Revival
  • Block Party
  • Ministry Project

2. Focus on reaching children and students through the use of creative events

  • Block parties
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Sports evangelism
  • Neighborhood Bible Club

3. Plan an ongoing evangelism strategy

  • Season of Service
  • Neighborhood Bible Study
  • Plan-It Application on this web site
  • ICE (Intentional Community Evangelism)

4. Follow up and equip new believers

  • New Believers Class/Orientation
  • Three months of disciple-making, including an evangelism retreat
  • Classes or individuals "adopt" a new Believer

5. Train decision counselors and establish a follow-up/discipleship process

  • Select individuals to train (Deacons, faithful members, etc.)
  • Select a group of people whose assignment is to pray with and counsel those who pray to receive Christ.
  • Select resources to use. Include orality as well as literate approaches.
  • Determine an accountability system
  • Counsel and follow-up on everyone making a decision
  • Follow up with new believers and connect them to one of the participating churches.
  • Commit to be intentional about baptizing and discipling these new believers to grow in their faith.