God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS)


Vision - Every church praying for lost people

What would happen if every Southern Baptist had an evangelism strategy beginning with  prayer for lost people? Imagine the impact of our churches praying for every lost person. There would be a movement of God just as in the days of Acts when the Holy Spirit fell on Pentecost.


1. Prepare God’s people (Your Church) to faithfully pray.

  • Urge church members to pray regularly for the lost people in your community and that your efforts to reach them will be effective.
  • Provide or suggest materials for personal spiritual growth to your church.
  • Organize a team assigned to inspire and equip your church to pray for lost people in your community.
  • Plan times of churchwide prayer for lost people in your community.

2. Mobilize your church to prayerwalk your community

  • Plan a date to prayerwalk your community.
  • Recruit a godly group of prayer warriors to participate.
  • Prepare this group to journey through the neighborhoods and pray for each home
  • Prepare this group to share Christ as the opportunity arises.
  • Prayerwalk and return to a location to report how God worked.

3. Continually discover lost people in your community and examine their needs

  • Start with the area directly surrounding your church and spread out to survey the needs, both physical and spiritual.
  • Collect demographic information on your community.
  • Meet and pray with city officials to determine community needs.

4. Pray for the lost people in your community

  • Encourage your church to set aside a time each day such as 10:02 a.m. to reflect Jesus’ prayer for God to send out workers in Luke 10:2 to personally pray for their lost friends, acquaintances, and coworkers by name.

5. Praise God continually

  • Set aside times for churchwide praise
  • Celebrate each salvation decision and baptism
  • Set aside times during worship for personal testimonies and celebrate God's work in the lives of each one.