God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS)


Vision - Every lost person receiving a witness

We must sow the gospel among specific peoples, communities and cities in North America. Our mission field is becoming increasingly secular and pluralistic. We cannot assume that people understand the concepts of God as the Creator, sin, the cross and salvation through Christ. They just don't know the bible or what it teaches. We must share the good news and the truth of Scripture in every way possible. We must become extremely intentional in order to each the lost in our largest cities and the people, no matter how diverse, in our own communities. Every believer must sow widely among the people groups of North America.


Budget – Consider the following: 

  • Possible training costs
  • Promotion costs such as office supplies and possible media advertising.
  • Cost of all supplies, including paper products, evangelistic tracts, refreshments, possible rental items, etc.

1. Increase the number of times people hear a complete gospel presentation with the following options

  • For an individual:
    • Make a list of people you meet, know, and that are in your sphere of influence, and pray for opportunities to witness to them. 
    • Share with people in the regular activities of your life. 
    • Pinpoint areas where you can do evangelism and creatively leave witnessing booklets 
    • Aim to learn a new language and carry witnessing tools in various languages. 
    • What are you passionate about? Make what you are passionate about evangelistic. 
  • For a church:
    • Identify who lives and works in your community then use that research to define your Jerusalem. Solicit input from community leaders, especially the mayor, the police chief, key business executives, print and electronic news directors, school principals and board members, influential leaders in the arts community, hospital administrators, religious authorities.
    • Based on the needs in your Jerusalem, choose one or more of the following ministry opportunities to intentionally transform your community for Christ:
      • LoveLoud ministry evangelism 
      • Door-to-Door Bible Saturation 
      • Felt Needs Conferences 
      • Multihousing ministries 
      • ICE (Intentional Community Evangelism) 
      • Church Planting Activities 
      • People Group Activities 

2. Give effective invitations when lost people are gathered

  • Bring every service to an evangelistic conclusion
  • During event evangelism activities/programs
  • During neighborhood block parties
  • Revivals/Crusades/Festivals

3. Provide for Scripture distribution in every person´s heart language and network for evangelism