Am I a Replanter?

Mar 5 - Mar 6, 2019 $15
North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, Georgia

We share your burden to see dying churches renewed for gospel ministry. Learn the essential characteristics of a replanter and what it takes to replant in different contexts at the “Am I a Replanter?” conference. Additionally, we will delve into what it looks like to be the wife of a replanter for the spouses that are able to attend. With practical tools and equipping, the conference is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about church replanting. We look forward to hosting you and your wife for this two-day conference at the North American Mission Board in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Mark Clifton
NAMB Director of Replanting
Alpharetta, Georgia
Brian Croft
Auburndale Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky
Mike McKinley
Sterling Park Baptist Church
Sterling, Virginia

12:00–1:00 p.m. - Conference Registration (Light Lunch Provided)

1:00–1:15 p.m. - Worship

1:15–1:25 p.m. - Welcome – Kevin Ezell, NAMB President

1:25–1:55 p.m. - Main Session 1 – Replanting: It’s Harder Than You Think

Mark Clifton, NAMB Director of Replanting

2:00–2:45 p.m. - Breakout 1 – Visionary Shepherding & Tactical Patience

2:45–3:00 p.m. - Break

3:00–3:45 p.m. - Breakout 2 – Resourceful Generalist

3:45–4:00 p.m. - Break

4:00–4:45 p.m. - Breakout 3 – Emotional Intelligence

5:00–6:15 p.m. - Dinner

6:30–7:30 p.m. - Worship/Main Session 2

Mike McKinley, Senior Pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church

7:30–8:30 p.m. - Dessert Fellowship


8:00–8:30 a.m. - Welcome & Worship

8:30–9:30 a.m. - Breakout 4 – Multigenerational & Affinity for Church’s Legacy

9:30–9:45 a.m. - Break

9:45–10:45 a.m. - Breakout 5 – High Tolerance for Pain & Spousal Perseverance

10:45–11:45 a.m. - Worship/Main Session 3 – Perseverance

Brian Croft, Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church

11:45 a.m. –12:00 p.m. - Closing – Mark Clifton

Encouraging and equipping new replanting pastors, spouses and team members to reclaim dying churches for God’s glory

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North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, Georgia

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