Replant Practitioner Certification for Associational Mission Strategists

Mar 7 - Mar 8, 2019
North American Mission Board

Each year, between 900-1,200 SBC churches hold their last service and close, creating a spiritual void in their communities. More than 70 percent of Southern Baptist churches in North America have plateaued or are declining in number. Ten to 15 percent of churches are at risk of or near closing in the near future.

The situation is urgent, the need great.

NAMB has launched efforts to stop and reverse the decline and death rate of the local church. Replanting is becoming a way to help struggling churches live again and become vital gospel outposts in their local communities.

The Replant Team at NAMB has developed a resource, the Associational Replanting Guide, which is designed to help churches bravely face their future and make bold and the courageous decisions necessary to live again.

We are launching a two-day interactive training with certification to our ministry partners in this process that has led to hundreds of churches getting back on the path of health and vitality.

Who Should Attend: While this specific training is designed to equip Directors of Missions, the training is also valuable for other ministry partners, such as CPCs, SDOMs and other state staff charged with the practice of serving local churches in replanting. Note: This training is primarily for those who plan to be practitioners of the Replant process.

Sessions will focus on:

  • How to engage with a church that is struggling and in trouble
  • Being equipped with discovery and evaluation resources that reveal the condition of the church in all facets (spiritual, financial, contextual)
  • How to present the results of the discovery process to the church
  • Introduction of the four Replant pathways that struggling churches can take
  • How to lead the church in a decision process
  • Implementation of a Replant plan in a local context

Certification: Participants are encouraged to enter the certification process to become a Certified Replant Practitioner. This process will involve consulting a local church in your context and working through the Replant process with them. Those enrolling will be matched with an experienced Replant Practitioner who will serve as a Coach as they consult a congregation considering replanting.

Certified Replant Practitioners will receive priority access and dedicated resources related to replanter assessments, replant resources, and become part of a network for those engaged in replanting.

Due to the critical need and your key role as partner, we are greatly investing in this event. Lodging for up to three nights is being provided and secured by NAMB for the first 250 registrants. Meals during the event will be provided – Thursday breakfast through Friday dinner. While wives are welcome to travel with their husbands, training participation is limited to the practitioner.

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