Catch The Vision: Portland

Apr 20 - Apr 22, 2020

Come experience the diversity and complexity of ministry in Portland!

A Catch the Vision Tour is a three-day, two-night experience where pastors and key church leaders like you travel to a Send City and are hosted by Clay Holcomb, NAMB’s Send City Missionary for Portland. The tour gives you the opportunity to:

  • Explore the city in person and gain a better understanding of what it means to plant churches in an urban environment.
  • Meet church planters and hear their vision for reaching their city through multiplication and restoration.
  • Consider ways your church can partner directly with church planters in the city.


You cover your travel arrangements and expenses to and from the Send City. Arrival and departure times will be sent to you following registration so that you can plan your travel.

Scholarships for lodging and most meals are available for SBC pastors. This limited scholarship allows a pastor to bring one person with him (spouse or associate). Hotel reservations will be secured for you by NAMB, and a hotel confirmation will be sent to you at least one week prior to the event start date. (Unfortunately, logistics of the event will not accommodate children.)

Following your registration, NAMB’s Send City Missionary will connect with you to confirm that this event is right for your church at this time.

Questions? Contact us.

Here is a typical CTV Tour schedule. We will connect with you as we get closer and this may change slightly from tour-to-tour based on size of tour, planters, etc.


Dinner on your own or with selected planters


Spend the day in the city and meeting church planters


Debrief & Next Steps

Depart for home