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    Student pastors and leaders, this is for you!

    Use the GenSend Conversations video teaching series in your weekly gatherings. These real and relevant videos are designed specifically to help students learn how to apply Scripture and live their lives on mission in pursuit of the gospel.

    You will hear from respected pastors and evangelism leaders like Shane Pruitt, Paul Worcester, Clayton King and more.

    Download a .zip file containing video files and teaching notes for each series at the links below. A brief registration form is required for each series download.



    Series 1: Christ Is Greater Than Chaos

    God has a mission for you—yes, you!

    So often, we listen to the messages of the world telling us that we are unwanted, purposeless and burdensome. We forget that an Almighty God has already claimed us as His own! In this series, Shane Pruitt discusses how to navigate misguided feelings of unworthiness and find your purpose in life.



    Series 2: Created for This

    We were created to praise Our Creator.

    We all have specific gifts and talents that were given to us, but the power of our talents resides in how we use them. Our lives are not our own once we have committed them to Christ, so in this series, Shane Pruitt shares how to make every act an act of worship and how we can use our gifts to joyfully build up the Kingdom.



    Series 3: Jesus Never Said That

    Frequently, we seek to know Jesus by examining the words that He said. But what can we learn about Jesus by examining the things He didn’t say?

    So much gets attributed to Jesus that never actually came out of His mouth, and this misinformation can be extremely damaging to our gospel witness. In Shane Pruitt’s series, he will take on the cultural clichés that have crept into the beliefs of many Christians, especially young adults.



    Series 4: Fruit of the Spirit

    Clayton King and Shane Pruitt team up for this series about what fruit we should start to cultivate and see in our lives after giving them to Christ.

    God invites every person to live in a spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness after entering into a relationship with Him, and our lives will never be the same once we accept that invitation.


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