Appalachian Regional Ministry

Bare feet. Soot-stained faces. Heavy barges lumbering through brown water.

These are only a few images that come to mind when most North American’s hear the word Appalachia. Though these may be the stereo-types, they are not the only stories. The Appalachian region has long been a back bone of North American industry and continues to play a vital role, as it has throughout our history.

Coal mine closures and other shifts in industry have drastically affected the economies of these regions and has thrust some into extreme poverty. This poverty not only strikes financially, but spiritually. The reality is that 70% of the region is unchurched. 

How can I help?

“It’s an area of great opportunity, but it’s an area that needs Jesus,” says ministry director Bill Barker of the Appalachian area, and there are three ways churches are invited to take advantage of that opportunity.


Pray that God will raise up laborers to go to Appalachia. And pray for those who are already serving that God’s blessing would be upon them. Pray for short-term volunteers to come serve.


Your gifts through the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering enable us to reach out and help this part of America that is lost and needs Jesus. You can also give to other physical needs by contributing coats, backpacks, food and other necessities to our ministry locations. Contact us for more information.


We invite you to join with us and be a part of what God is doing as a short-term volunteer in a church plant, ministry center, construction project or established church. On average, for every 10-12 volunteers who come to serve, we see one salvation decision. Contact us for more information about how your group can get personally involved in Appalachian ministry.

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