Generation Send

Want to spend six weeks in one of North America’s greatest cities? Generation Send (GenSend) is an urban missions immersion that will shape your life like nothing you’ve ever done. Come walk in community with others from around North America as you dive into some of the areas of greatest need in our Send Cities.

GenSend is designed to be one of the most exciting, intense and unique student missionary experiences in North America. It immerses young adults into an urban context to gain a practical knowledge of the realities of missions and leadership. Participants will spend their time learning to live their life on mission under the guidance of urban ministry leaders. Along with reinforcing gospel foundations and simple missiological practices, the intention of GenSend is to be an extension of the local church’s church planting and mission efforts.

FAQ for GenSend

What does a GenSend student do in the city? The short answer is learn to live your life on mission within the context of the city. As a part of that you will serve alongside church planters and compassion ministries to see and experience what it takes to spread Christ’s love and message of redemption to that city. Our hope is that you will not only be developed as a missionary but that you may also consider leveraging your life in that city for the gospel.

What are the GenSend locations for summer 2018? Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Denver, Edmonton, Montreal, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Deigo, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C.. We will also have GenSend at the two Send Relief Ministry Hubs in Appalachia (Ashland, Kentucky) and Clarkston, Georgia. 

Is there an age requirement for GenSend? Yes. You must be between ages 19-25 by June 1, 2018.

Can I go home during the GenSend experience? Only in the case of an emergency. You are expected to serve the entire term of GenSend, which is June 15–July 30. Failure to fulfill your assignment once you accept it may require you to reimburse NAMB prepaid expenses up to $2,500.

Can I use GenSend for class credit at my school? Yes. If your school will allow you to use the GenSend experience for class credit, we encourage you to do that. Check with your advisor or school’s registrar’s office for requirements.

What will I need to bring for the trip? You will need to bring clothes, toiletries, pillow, Bible or Bible app and anything else you think you may need. Some cities will also require you to bring linens.

What is the cost, and how much spending money will I need? Once accepted into GenSend, you will pay:

  • A $100 non-refundable program fee
  • Your transportation to orientation in Atlanta arriving no later than 2 p.m. on June 15
  • Your transportation home from your destination city on July 30, leaving no later than noon.

What does NAMB provide for the GenSend Experience? NAMB will provide you with housing, flights from Atlanta to your host city, in-city transportation and a $900 expense card for meals and miscellaneous costs.

How does the selection process work? New students fill out an application at while returning students must send an email to to reactivate their old application. All students, as part of the application process, must submit a two-minute video telling us why they want to serve in GenSend and why they want to go to a specific city.

Once approved by NAMB, applications are sent to each city for selection. Each city will conduct interviews with candidates before choosing their teams. After final selection, a student will be asked to submit the $100 program fee which will finalize their spot for GenSend 2018.

When will I hear if I have been accepted? If an application is submitted and complete by December 11, you should know your status by no later than February 1, 2018.

Do I have to be a part of a Southern Baptist church? Yes. Applicants must either be a member or a regular attendee of a Southern Baptist church and have an SBC pastor as one of their references.

Is baptism a requirement? Yes. You must have been baptized by immersion after salvation to be a part of GenSend. This is an act of obedience for a believer after receiving Christ as Savior.

If my application is accepted by NAMB, does that guarantee me a spot in the city? No. Each city selects their team from NAMB-accepted applications. This normally involves personal interviews from the GenSend coaches in each city. If the city of preference is already full, students may have the option of looking at other cities that still may have openings.

Does NAMB provide health insurance? No. You are responsible for your health insurance during the trip.

If I have a specific question not answered here, how do I receive an answer? Just email

Training & Experience

Students will receive quality training by some of the most respected urban practitioners and teachers in North America. Participants will receive hands-on mission and leadership experience as they serve alongside other students and mission leaders in one of the 32 Send Cities.

Discovery & Development

Discipleship and coaching is an integral part of the GenSend experience. Students will learn missionary foundations and practices that contribute to the development of a church planting prospectus at the end of the experience. Through this process the students are provided an opportunity to discover and pursue the next step of living their life on mission.

Structure & Flexibility

Students will have specific learning objectives to accomplish over the course of the experience that includes an in-depth study of Life on Mission. Within this structure exists an element of flexibility based on the passion and giftedness of each student.

Life on Mission

GenSend is built on missionary practices and foundations found in Scripture. Life on Mission is the primary resource along with other books provided to enhance the church planting and leadership components of the experience.

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