Hunger Relief

Food is the most basic of human needs. Without it there is little hope for tomorrow. Coming to the harsh realization that there are children in North America–one of the wealthiest continents in the world–that go to bed hungry, not knowing where their next meal will come from, is heart-wrenching. Some statistics state that 49 million individuals, including 12 million children, struggle in America to have enough to eat. When we open our eyes, hunger is a need in an increasing number of our communities. In many areas, it is a hidden problem and we don’t even realize the need around us. Providing basic food for someone, and better yet, to eat food with them, is one of the most basic ways to show kindness. Jesus did it in all four Gospels.

Feeding the Hungry in North America

NAMB, in cooperation with SBC Great Commission partners, administers the domestic side of the Global Hunger Relief fund. It is important to remember that every dollar is used exclusively to feed the hungry. Hunger funds cannot be used to cover any administrative costs. Monies are distributed quarterly to hunger ministries throughout North America. In 2014, more than $1 million was provided to more than 1,000 hunger ministries. Also, 4.5 million meals were provided using hunger funds and more than 21,000 professions of faith were reported through hunger relief ministries in North America.

These ministries have been successful in large measure due to the prayers and financial giving of many thousands of persons through Global Hunger Relief.