Collegiate Disaster Relief

Summer Teams
Collegiate Disaster Relief summer teams is designed to be an exciting, intense and unique student missionary experience. Young adults will be immersed in an active disaster context to gain practical knowledge of the realities of missions and leadership. Participants will spend time learning to live their Life On Mission. Along with reinforcing gospel foundations and missiological practices, the intention of Collegiate DR summer teams is to be an extension of the local church in bringing help, healing and hope for those affected by disasters.
Training & Experience
Students will receive quality training in all facets of Disaster Relief by experienced and trained Disaster Relief leaders. Participants will receive hands-on mission and leadership experience as they serve alongside other students and mission leaders in active disaster locations.
Discovery & Development
Discipleship and leadership is an integral part of the Collegiate DR student experience. Students will learn disaster response protocols, discipleship practices and missionary foundations while participating in an active disaster location. Through this process the students are provided an opportunity to discover and pursue the next step of living their Life on Mission.
Structure & Flexibility
Students will have very specific learning objectives to accomplish over the course of the experience that includes an in-depth study of Life on Mission. Within this structure exists an element of flexibility based on the passion and giftedness of each student.
Life on Mission
Collegiate DR is built on missionary practices and foundations found in Scripture. Life on Mission is the primary resource along with other books provided to enhance the disaster relief, church planting and leadership components of the experience.
Qualifications & Requirements

The selection process for Collegiate DR is strenuous – seeking passionate and qualified young men and women to participate. Qualifications and requirements to serve are:

  • Must be between the ages of 19 to 25 at the time of service 
  • Must be single and without children
  • Must be a member of a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) church 
  • Must possess clear ministry ability and leadership potential
  • Must be able to participate for the full duration of the experience 
  • Must successfully complete the application process and receive an official placement notification email 
  • DR experience is recommended but not required
Steps to Apply
  1. Read this page in its entirety to make sure you meet the qualifications and expectations. 
  2. Click here to request an application for the Collegiate DR summer team. 
  3. If you have previously applied to serve as a NAMB student missionary, simply email and state your interest in applying for Collegiate DR. 
  4. When filling out your application you will be asked for your “Assignment Preference.” Please be sure to list “Collegiate DR.” Also, one of your references needs to be from a pastor or leader in your local church. 
  5. In addition to completing your application, you will need to submit a 90-second video of why you want to participate in Collegiate DR and what draws you to disaster relief ministry. 
  6. Email your video to
  7. Once you have received an official placement email your final step will be to pay the $100 non-refundable program fee. 

    The deadline for all applications is April 1, 2017. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect?
A: You will be a part of a team of 8, each with individual and group assignments. Disaster Relief training will be offered and is mandatory. The experience will involve physical labor and the applicant must be willing to work. The team will travel, work and live together throughout the summer. All equipment and transportation will be provided by NAMB/SBDR. Living arrangements for the summer will be at schools or churches supporting active disaster locations. This experience will require full-time hours and participants will not be able to work another job. 

Q: Are there any benefits/compensation?
A: This is a volunteer opportunity and there are no employment benefits provided. All Collegiate DR missionaries will receive a $900 expense card to cover their meals and incidentals during the summer experience. Housing and specific transportation costs will be provided by NAMB.

Q: What is the required program fee amount?
A: The total program fee required for all participants is $100. Please note, this is a non-refundable program fee. Information on how this money is to be submitted will be communicated in the official placement notification email. The program fee is due within 30 days of receiving the official placement notification email.

Q: What are the service dates?
A: The service dates for 2016 are June 1 to July 29, 2017. 

Q: Will NAMB pay for my transportation to training?
A: No. Participants will be responsible for providing their own transportation both to and from Alpharetta, GA for training and debriefing. 

Q: Will I be able to drive my personal vehicle?
A: No

Q: What if I have additional questions?
A: Contact us at


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