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Involving My Church in Disaster Relief

Getting Started

Is your church prepared for action when disaster strikes? Find out how to become a Disaster Ready Church that is equipped to respond.

The Disaster Ready Church
The mission of a Southern Baptist Disaster Ready Church is to be prepared in the event of a disaster to connect with resources and potential response partners to help those in need. These churches are ready to respond quickly and effectively whenever there is a crisis.

Here are some key steps to follow and resources that will prepare your church to be involved in this important ministry.



  • Contact your local Baptist Convention Disaster Relief director.
  • Local Government officials, Emergency Management, and Law Enforcement control access to damaged areas.
  • American Red Cross Chapter leaders coordinate services for disaster survivors.
  • Businesses, non-profits and other churches are key allies in meeting needs following a disaster.


  • In your local community.
  • To other communities affected by disasters.
  • To other countries after disasters strike.

Is your church ready to serve?

Disasters can strike anywhere. This is why every church should be a Disaster Ready Church. Learn more about Disaster Relief preparedness at

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