Hurricane Relief

Ready to Help

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) chainsaw and mud-out units continue to minister in multiple locations in the Carolinas, providing essential supplies and trained volunteers to communities affected by Hurricane Florence.

In Florida, Alabama and Georgia, SBDR volunteers and equipment are serving Hurricane Michael affected areas, providing help in tangible ways by preparing and serving food, cutting down trees and removing debris from homes. As they do, they are sharing the hope of the gospel with people.

During such crises, NAMB works closely with national and local partners, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, state emergency management teams and other volunteer organizations like American Red Cross and The Salvation Army to coordinate an effective response.

Pray for those volunteers serving now and those who will soon be serving. When you give, you are directly resourcing state SBDR teams who are being the hands and feet of Jesus to hurting people.

Send practical help and the hope of the gospel

When you give to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, you can be confident you are meeting the immediate, significant needs of people in crisis while also investing in long-term gospel influence. We recommend you give directly to those states facing the greatest needs. Those states appear at the top of the drop-down list below. Choose a state, and you will be directed to the appropriate site to make your gift.
States impacted by hurricanes may need your help. Locate the state Disaster Relief directors below where you may be needed most. They can provide the best information for training and deployment opportunities. If you are already an SBDR trained volunteer and have not yet been deployed, contact your state DR director to let him know of your availability to serve.

Churches Helping Churches

Make a difference in a congregation reeling from Hurricane Michael devastation. Lead your church to partner with a Florida Baptist church to meet needs of the church and its community.

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Get the latest updates on hurricane relief responses