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The streets are named after saints, and churches sit on almost every corner. But for this Canadian city, things are not what they seem. Montreal, and it’s surrounding province, Quebec, are filled with empty churches that either remain vacant or are on the cusp of closing.

Until a few decades ago, the Catholic church was in charge of Quebec’s education and government. When that dissipated, the majority of Montreal residents viewed Catholicism as part of their cultural heritage and nothing more.

But Canadian National Baptists are beginning to see breakthroughs thanks to the work of Baptist church planters and supportive church planting networks.

First-time church planter of La Chapelle (Ahuntsic campus), Jackson Ntumba, was born in the Congo then grew up in Paris, France. He had no idea until he met his wife, who was from Quebec, that they’d one day plant a church in her home province.

“It’s so important for us not to just plant a church,” Ntumba said. “Church is good, but God is better. Together my wife and I prayed, fasted, and God revealed His plan—that is, exactly what He wanted to do with us.”

Quebec is only 0.5 percent evangelical, and Montreal is only 0.7 percent. Miraculously, there are pockets of openness like in Ahuntsic—population of 130,000—to church planting efforts. Montreal may appear religiously empty, but church planters like Ntumba see vast potential among the spiritual wilderness.

September 25, 2017
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September 25, 2017
First-time church planter of La Chapelle (Ahuntsic campus), Jackson Ntumba, was born in the Congo, but he grew up in Paris, France where he met his wife, Lisanne. He had no idea they’d one day move to Ahuntsic to plant a church in her home...
September 25, 2017
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