NAMB Research

The North American Mission Board produces primary research in support of churches’ efforts to reach their communities with the gospel. Taking your next missional step can require as much knowledge as possible for the journey. NAMB research can help prepare your church to be more effective in reaching your neighbors.

Demographic Reports

Your community is changing every day as the people who live within it also change. Income patterns fluctuate, family composition changes and lifestyle priorities of residents alter. Your church can be left to wrestle with this quick pace of change without a clear sense of what is happening in your community. Changes are not the only concern; you also need to know how your community will change next year or even five years from now.

*Demographic reports are only available at this time for the United States

If you are a part of a Southern Baptist church, you can access the request form here. You may want to review the information below about the request form before you begin. (Please add to the address list in your email program so that it won't be blocked or sent to the junk email folder.)

The request form has three sections:

The data required in the first section provides general information needed about you and your church.
The next two sections are identified as Option 1 - Site Study, and Option 2 - Area Study. You choose and enter data for only one of these sections, not both.
Last, there is an optional section for "additional comments."

Demographics Request Form

People Groups

The face of North America is changing. From 1970 to 2010, the foreign born population in the United States rose from 4.7 percent to 12.9 percent. By 2050, it is expected that half of the U.S. population will be of a different ethnicity than non-Hispanic white. As early as 2004, more than half the residents of the city of Toronto were foreign born. Globalization has afforded North America a unique opportunity in history. Just as Judea was a crossroads for the known world during the time of Jesus, North America has become a modern crossroads of peoples from around the globe.

The first step to reaching this growing population is to identify the nations living within our nation. At, users can search for people groups in their area. Public users can search census information on place of birth, language groups and ancestry by city, county or ZIP code. Registered users can access other functions of the site which include: an online discussion form, a request form sent to NAMB and IMB missionaries for information on language resources and a toolbox for those wishing to begin research on people groups in their area. The world is here, and we have an awesome responsibility to reach it for Christ. Visit the North American people group online database today at