First Person: The Eyes Of Brooklyn

May 5, 2014

By April Smith

Six months ago the Lord led me to Brooklyn, New York, but little did I know how much Brooklyn would tug at my heart. I had been to New York as a high school student, but at the time I was convinced I would never live here or even come back. 

April SmithHowever, God ended up having a different plan because He brought me back for a second visit and now a third time to serve as an intern at Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge.

Each time I have been here has been significant. Especially in the season I am in now, God has been teaching me so much. I have only had my feet wet for six months, but I’ve discovered that living here isn’t as bad as I would have imagined. 

When I thought of New York I was overwhelmed with thinking about how a small town girl like me would manage living here for a year, but God has reminded me that nothing is impossible.

I have also learned to “never say never” to God. He knows what I need, and I didn’t know how much I needed New York! No, it’s not the rolling hills of Kentucky, which is where I am from, but Brooklyn has a beauty of its own. 

I love looking around and never knowing what I will experience! I love seeing all the different shops and I love the smells from the bakeries—which makes up for the “other” smells in the subway. 

However, there are other joys to encounter while riding on the subway—like meeting new people or seeing random people sing. Brooklyn is a colorful place—there is just so much to experience.

Serving at Cornerstone Church has allowed me to experience new friendships such as my developing relationship with my pastor’s neighbor, who is Arabic. I’m still getting to know her, but she already shares her awesome Baba ganoush with me—something I don’t get back home!

If you plan to visit Brooklyn or New York, you must be willing to be open and put away your stereotypes of New York in order to really appreciate it. I could write all day about my experiences but to be honest you just have to come. 

If God were to call you here I would tell you "obey, obey, obey!"

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