In-home outreach

November 17, 2017

This past April, my church participated in our first Send Relief Home Fire Campaign (HFC) in partnership with our local re department and the American Red Cross. What started as a one-day event aimed at helping our neighbors by offering to change their smoke detectors and educating our community on re prevention has grown into an ongoing ministry. 

My church is not large, but we are blessed with a wonderful congregation that is always seeking ways to serve and be the hands and feet of Christ. When I first began reading about the HFC, I felt an immediate sense of excitement. I knew it would provide my church with an exciting opportunity to reach our community and show Christ’s love in a tangible way. 

On the day of the event, I heard story after story from church members of divine encounters as they changed smoke detectors and prayed with homeowners. God paved the way, and He kept those doors open for our church members to minister as they served obediently.

God used this initiative to allow us to serve alongside of and minister to our local re department and the American Red Cross. There was so much joy in partnering with people who are constantly serving our communities. Because of the HFC, our church has forged a friendship with our local firefighters, and we are now able to serve them in small ways. 

Whether we bring pies, send thank-you cards or make monthly visits to the firehouse, our church remains in constant contact with our fire department. God is continuing to reveal small ways to further support them as they risk their lives every day in their line of work. What a mighty blessing it is to minister to and support heroes in our communities!

To any church considering a Home Fire Campaign, I say don’t wait any longer—go for it! The Lord will bless your efforts as you step out in obedience to His call as His hands and feet in your community.

Hillary Cintron serves as the preschool and outreach director for Lakota Hills Baptist Church, West Chester, Ohio. 

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